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IATA Dangerous Goods Training Programme  

What is IATA?     About the Programme

● What is IATA?
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association of the world’s scheduled international airline industry. Originally founded in 1919, it now groups together over 270 airlines, including the world’s largest.

The commercial objective of IATA is to ensure that people, freight and mail can move around the vast global airline network as easily as if they were on a single airline in a single country.

The operational objective of IATA is to ensure that Members’ aircraft can operate safely, securely, efficiently and economically - under clearly defined and understood standards.

IATA works towards these objectives through representation, through standardization, and through marketing a range of products and services for the trade industry.

● About the Dangerous Goods Training Programme
KINOSHITA AVIATION CONSULTANTS is an IATA authorized Publication Sales Agent for the distribution and sales of various IATA publications including but not limited to the fields of passenger, cargo, airport handling, communications for the Japan area.

KINOSHITA AVIATION CONSULTANTS had been an accredited IATA Dangerous Goods Training Programme school from 1995 to 2017 providing dangerous goods handling courses to personnel from airlines, cargo agents, freight forwarders, consolidators, warehouse operators, packers, and particularly to shippers of dangerous goods.

Effective 2018, those who require training to acquire Dangerous Goods handling certification, or to extend validity of current certificates are requested to attend the dangerous goods courses provided by our associate, UDGI CORPORATION (address shown below) and attend the dangerous goods training courses given by Mr. Iwahiko Uehara.

Nishi-Yukarigaoka 6-4-1
Sakura-Shi, Chiba-Ken 285-0850
Phone/FAX: 043-487-6562
Email: info@udgi.co.jp
Website: www.udgi.co.jp

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