(DGR で言及している圧力はゲージ圧でしょうか?)

DGR Gases of Division 2.2, are not subject to these Regulations if they are transported at a pressure less than 200 kPa at 20℃ and are not liquefied or refrigerated liquefied gases. の “pressure” はゲージ圧力でしょうか? (2019.4.30)
違います。 ゲージ圧力ではなく「絶対圧力」(Absolute pressure) です。
DGR を参照してください。
“ Pressures of all kinds relating to receptacles (such as test pressure, internal pressure, safety-valve opening pressure) are always indicated in gauge pressure (pressure in excess of atmospheric pressure), however, the vapor pressure of substances is always expressed in absolute pressure.” となっています。


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