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How to handle DG labels already printed on a UN packaging.31 May 23
Handling of Vehicles containing no dangerous goods.30 Apr 23
Handling of OVERPACK containing Limited Quantity packages.30 Apr 23
Application of Lithium Battery Mark (DGR Figure 7.1.C)31 Mar 23
Interpretation of “a person responsible” for PI 650 Special Requirements.31 Mar 23
Selection of technical name to describe hazardous properties of UN3082 Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, n.o.s. ★31 Dec 22
Question on 3m stacking test.30 Nov 22
All packed in one (APIO) of Lithium Batteries30 Nov 22
Question on USG-04 and Requirement of the letters “RQ”31 Oct 22
With the DGR, how should we truncate. At how many decimal places?30 Sep 22
Question on the Stacking Test for solid dangerous goods.31 Aug 22
Need guidance in preparing DGD, marking and labelling of Radioactive Material in Overpack.31 Jul 22
How do you read Table 3.6.C?31 Jul 22
What is GROSS WEIGHT and NET WEIGHT.31 Jul 22
Need information on Special Provision 188.31 Jul 22
Interpretation of DGR and DGR (c).31 Jul 22
Interpretation of GROSS WEIGHT.30 Jun 22
Question on interpretation of OVERPACK.31 May 22
Need guidance in preparing a DGD for Radioactive Material with a Sub-Hazard.30 Apr 22
Question on how to write a DGD for Radioactie Material.30 Apr 22
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Question on DGR Loading of Cargo Aircraft.30 Apr 22
Question on DGR 7.1.7 Marking of Overpacks.30 Apr 22
Question on how to make the Declaration.30 Apr 22
We have a question on shock absorber (Gas Spring). 31 Mar 22
We have a radioactive material, excepted package instruments which also contains other dangerous goods. We need your guidance.31 Mar 22
Please guide us in making DGD for Lithium Batteries packed with equipment.31 Mar 22
Question on Overpacking Lithium ion Batteries prepared per PI 965.31 Jan 22
A question on Lithium Battery Mark pertaining to PI 967 and PI 970.31 Dec 21
Question on changes to Radioactie Material in DGR 63rd Edition effective Jan. 1 2022. 31 Dec 21
Question on DGR 64th Edition effective Jan. 1 2023.31 Dec 21
May we pack UN3090 and UN3091 in the same outer packaging? 30 Nov 21
Question on Lithium Battery powered Hearing Aids and Charger Case.30 Nov 21
A question on how to enter a technical name in brackets for Environmentally hazardous substance.31 Oct 21
Question on Section II of PI965 and PI968 which is going to be removed per 2022 IATA DGR 63rd Edition.31 Oct 21
A question on PI966 and PI969 of the 2022 63rd Edition DGR.30 Sep 21
A few questions on loading Radioactive Material and Fissile Material.30 Sep 21
A question on how to enter Shipper and Consignee names on the Declaration.31 Aug 21
A question on the interpretation of Special Provision SP A67.31 Aug 21
A question on APIO of Dangerous Goods with Exempted Dangerous Goods.31 Jul 21
Why are Roman numerals used for demonstrating Packing Groups?31 Jul 21
Can UN 1A1 packaging be used for transporting solids?31 Jul 21
A question on UN specification packagings.30 Jun 21
A question on APIO of Radioactive Material of differing forms.30 Jun 21
Can the Hazard Label be printed directly on the outer packaging?30 Jun 21
A question on Environmentally Hazardous Substance.30 Jun 21
A question on mixing CAO and PAX shipments in an APIO.30 Jun 21
Feasibility study on making submission of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as mandatory obligation.31 May 21
A question on the ERG codes.31 May 21
Is there a size limitation for UN 4D Plywood Box?31 May 21
A PED powered by 100 Wh Li-ion battery is carried as checked baggage.31 May 21
Question on how to handle a car covered by a protective cover.30 Apr 21
Question on disagreement between DG label versus GHS pictogram label.30 Apr 21
Must UN3077 Environmentallyhazardous substance, solid, n.o.s. ★ PI 956 be packed in an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) ?30 Apr 21
May we use Non – UN Cylinders for DG transportation?30 Apr 21
Please define the difference between a “Cylinder” and a “1A1 packaging”.30 Apr 21
Question on interpretation of DGR Mar 21
Need advice for Compass Assembly containing dangerous goods.31 Mar 21
Please guide us how to complete a DG declaration. 31 Mar 21
Question on APIO of Lithium battery shipment.31 Mar 21
Question on shipping Lithium battery activated Power Bank.28 Feb 21
Question on Special Provision A158.28 Feb 21
Please explain the difference between Primary Hazard and Subsidiary Hazard. 28 Feb 21
Question on newly added Note #2 to DGR 8.2.3 in DGR 62nd Edition.28 Feb 21
Question on shipping Alcohol beverages.31 Jan 21
Question on shipping UN3356 Oxygen generator, chemical.31 Jan 21
A question on UN2800 Battery wet, non-spillable.31 Jan 21
A question on DGD Figure 8.1.H - Example 4.31 Jan 21
A question on shipping Environmentallyhazardous substance.31 Jan 21
A question on shipping Chemical Compound.31 Jan 21
Selecting correct PSN for Fissile excepted Radioactive Material.31 Dec 20
A question about shipping ID8000 Consumer commodity.31 Dec 20
A question on information on marking on UN packaging.31 Dec 20
Question on how and who must sign the Master AWB of a consolidation.31 Dec 20
Question on the minimum dimensions of Lithium Battery Mark in the 62nd Edition.30 Nov 20
A question on changes to the DGR 9.1.9 in the forthcoming 62nd Edition.30 Nov 20
Question on the new PSN, Dangerous goods in articles (UN3363).30 Nov 20
Question on how to show GIBRALTAR as a country on the DGD.30 Nov 20
Please explain the new rules on data loggers and cargo tracking devices used for airfreight.31 Oct 20
Question on how to declare empty uncleaned packagings on the DGD.31 Oct 20
Is it permissible to use Hazard Labels of reduced size?31 Oct 20
Question on RQ rules for shipment of dangerous goods to USA.31 Oct 20
Please guide us on the IMP Codes for explosives.31 Aug 20
Please guide us how to handle an Undeclared DG shipment found on arrival.31 Jul 20
Question on UN1845 Dry ice.31 Jul 20
Question on how to show APIO packages on DGD.31 Jul 20
Renewed Question on Hand Sanitizers as Carry-on baggage.30 Jun 20
Question on UN 1862 Ethyl Crotonate.30 Jun 20
How can we pack 2 spare lithium metal batteries together with lithum metal battery installed equipment (PI 970 Section II) ?30 Jun 20
Question on the application of Lithium Battery Mark for PI 967 and PI 970.30 Jun 20
Question on Test Reports for Lithium Batteries.30 Jun 20
Question on UN 3506 Lamps containing mercury.30 Jun 20
Question on the application of SP A137.30 Jun 20
Queston on Special Provisions relative to UN3077 Marine pollutant.30 Jun 20
Question on a Radioacctive Material shipment.30 Jun 20
Question on the List of RQ values for Radioactive Material in reference to US 49CFR30 Jun 20
How can we ship Alcohol Wipes for COVID-19 counter measures?31 May 20
Table 10.5.C – Category Determination for Radioactive Material packages.31 May 20
Why is handling less restrictive for Lithium batteries packed with equipment or contained in equipment compared to Lithium batteries shipped by itself?31 May 20
How can I carry Hand Sanitizer as cabin baggage?30 Apr 20
Question on EQ Labels for APIO packages of Excepted Quantity Dangerous Goods.31 Mar 20
Question on the dimensions of Lithium Battery (Handling) Mark.31 Mar 20
Question on the Chinese rules governing Lithium Battery shipments.31 Mar 20
Please define UN3171 Battery-powered vehicle.31 Mar 20
Question on a Battery containing both Lithium Metal Cells and Lithium Ion Cells.31 Mar 20
Question on transport of Prevention Kit against coronavirus.31 Mar 20
A question on a unit powered by lithium metal battery.31 Mar 20
A question on DGR (c), chemicals packed with infectious substances.29 Feb 20
A question on UN 3536 Lithium batteries installed in cargo transport unit.29 Feb 20
What is a UN package coded with a letter “V” dealt in DGR Feb 20
Please esplain SP A130.29 Feb 20
Question on Overpacks of Radioactive Material.29 Feb 20
Question on the changes to AWB entry of UN3373 Biological substance Category B29 Feb 20
Question on how to interpret Table 3.8.A Corrosivw Material.31 Jan 20
Question on how to interpret Table 2.3.A Portable Electronic Device/Equipment (PED) containing Lithium Batteries.31 Jan 20
Please give me guidance on Fissile Excepted Dec 19
Please guide us on the interpretation of Special Provision A197.28 Dec 19
I have a question on UN1104 Amyl acetates Class 3 PG III.30 Nov 19
A question on APIO rules for Limited Quantity DG.30 Nov 19
Question on Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).30 Nov 19
Why is the density threshold set at 1,2?30 Nov 19 uses the term “hold”. Does it refer to the larger hold and not the smaller compartment?30 Nov 19
Question on UN specification Packaging Marking.30 Nov 19
Question on UN2857 Refrigerating Machines.30 Nov 19
A question on the List of Radionuclides Table 10.3.A.31 Oct 19
I have a question on State Variation JPG-08.31 Oct 19
Why is 3-letter code for Toxic substance is RPB?30 Sep 19
Why is the 3-etter code for Live Animals, “AVI” ?30 Sep 19
Questions on interpretation of Forbidden items listed in DGR 4.2.31 Aug 19
Which category Dangerous Goods training course should I take ?31 Aug 19
Questions on Radioactive Material LSA and SCO.31 Jul 19
A question on maximum quantity per package.31 Jul 19
A question on how to make a Declaration of an adhesive consisting of two different dangerous goods.31 Jul 19
Can overpacks be overpacked again?31 Jul 19
A question on Nickel Hydrogen Storage Batteries.31 Jul 19
A question on DGR 1.2.6 “Exemptions”. 31 Jul 19
A question on Test Summary for Lithium Batteries.31 Jul 19
Shipment of small quantity Environmentally hazardous substance.31 Jul 19
Question on UN3082 EHS, liquid, n.o.s. shipped as Limited Quantity.30 Jun 19
A question on how to ship lithium metal batteries not installed but packed with device.30 Jun 19
Our business of liquids is done using kilograms as a unit of measurement. We made the Declaration and package marking in kilograms and the arline rejected.30 Jun 19
Question relating to DGR 1.5 Training.31 May 19
Question on Proper Shipping Names of Self reactive substances and Organic peroxides.31 May 19
Where can I get a purge certificate for vehicle and/or engine cleanliness?31 May 19
Does Excepted Quantiies require segregation per Table 9.3.A? 31 May 19
Question on Magnetized material.31 May 19
Question on UN1327 Hay and Straw.31 May 19
Question on Test Summary requirement for Lithium Battery shipments.30 Apr 19
Question on the interpretation of a certain passage in DGR 30 Apr 19
Question on loading spare batteries and batteries removed from passenger’s mobility aids. 30 Apr 19
Question on loading Cryogenic Liquids and Live Animals.30 Apr 19
We are not sure about the interpretation of DGR Apr 19
Is the pressure mentioned in DGR “gauge pressure” ?30 Apr 19
Cargo damage occurred during the weekend where shipment was delivered on Friday, with the AWB handed over on Monday with a Monday issuing date.31 Mar 19
Is it true that only the DG license holder can make the Shipper’s Declaration? 31 Mar 19
Question on 60th Edition revision to DGR Polymerizing substances.28 Feb 19
Question on UN3316 Chemical Kit, First Aid Kit.28 Feb 19
Need advice on Radioactive Material Types B (U) and B (M) packages.28 Feb 19
Please explain the last 2 columns of Radioactive Material Table 10.3.A.28 Feb 19
Please guide us which radioactive shipment is considered as a CAO shipment.28 Feb 19
When did lithium batteries became prohibited for passenger aircraft carriage? 28 Feb 19
Question on Self-inflating Life Jacket (DGR Feb 19
A question on DGR Ammunition.28 Feb 19
A question on Radioisotopic cardiac pacemakers (DGR Feb 19
A question on how to enter the PG on a Declaration for UN3316 Chemical Kit.28 Feb 19
Question on DGD for Prototype battery per UN3480 SP A88.31 Jan 19
Guidance on DGR 2.6.10 De Minimis Quantities is requested.31 Jan 19
A question on application of Lithium Battery Mark (Figure 7.1.C).31 Jan 19
A question on the use of Environmentally Hazardous Substance Mark.31 Jan 19
A question on Nickel-metal hydride Batteries.31 Jan 19
A question on Table 2.3.A – Spare/Loose Lithium Batteries.31 Jan 19
A question on UN3268 Safety devices to Belgium.31 Jan 19
Question on Marking of Lithium Metal Battery Section II package.28 Dec 18
A question on Self-reactive substances.28 Dec 18
Should we declare the quantity of UN 3164 with net quantity of gas or by gross weight of the device.28 Dec 18
Question on shipment of Gas Cylinders.30 Nov 18
Interpretation of “for personal use” now defining passenger baggage.30 Nov 18
A question on SP A98 in conjunction with UN 1950 Aerosol, non-flammable Div. 2.230 Nov 18
A question on UN 3256 shipped below 140 degrees F (or 60℃)30 Nov 18
Please explain the definition of a passenger aircraft and a cargo aircraft.30 Nov 18
Question on Diesel Filter.30 Nov 18
Question on entry of technical name replacing the star symbol.30 Nov 18
Question on Temperature Control Device activated by lithium ion battery.30 Nov 18
Question on devices in which Lithium ion battery Section II is installed.30 Nov 18
Question on “e-Bicycle” or “e-Bikes” or “e-Bike”30 Nov 18
Please explain the per package maximum net quantity limits for Viscous Substances.30 Nov 18
Question on shipping a mixture of chemicals as waste material.30 Nov 18
Question on loading Class 8 substances.31 Oct 18
I have a question on applying the Lithium Battery Handling Mark.31 Oct 18
Question on Medical Oxygen Cylinders carried by passengers as cabin baggage.31 Oct 18
A shipper wishes to apply the De Minimis quantities for his shipment.30 Sep 18
Why do airlines always demand for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) ?30 Sep 18
A question on articles containing alcohols.30 Sep 18
Please guide us how to use Table 3.3.A.30 Sep 18
I have a question in shipping overpacks containing UN3166 Vehicle and UN3528 Engine.31 Aug 18
Question on who must sign the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods.31 Aug 18
Is it necessary to enter the Title of Signatory and the Place of signing on the Declaration?31 Aug 18
Question on Lithium batteries under PI 970 Section II.31 Aug 18
A question on shipping Section IA and Section IB Lithium batteries on one single AWB. How should the declaration be prepared?31 Aug 18
Question on PI 970 on UN3091 Lithium Metal Batteries contained in equipment.31 Jul 18
A question on Device powered by dry batteries to be transported intentionally active during flight.31 Jul 18
A question on preparing the Dangerous Goods Declaration for explosives.31 Jul 18
Question on Transport Index of a Radioactive Material Overpack.31 Jul 18
Question on Self-Reactive Substances.30 Jun 18
Can PI965 Section II be packed together with PI965 Section IA and/or Section IB ?30 Jun 18
A car UN3171 was tendered contained in a steel container. Please clarify how to handle.30 Jun 18
Please define the term “compartment” used in the DGR30 Jun 18
Please explain Special Provisions A88 and A99 both referring to lithium batteries.30 Jun 18
What is the difference between “Strong Outer Packaging” and “Strong Rigid Outer Packaging”?31 May 18
A few questions on Packing Instruction PI 20031 May 18
Question on selection of Proper Shipping Name.31 May 18
Question on how to indicate “All packed in one” for some isolated APIO cases.31 May 18
Is it permissible to use a UN certified package for overpacks?30 Apr 18
Question on using dry ice to cool non-dangerous goods.30 Apr 18
What PSN must be used for a shipment of Gas Purification Apparatus containing certain Div. 4.1 and Div. 4.2 substances?30 Apr 18
Is there a Lithium Battery shipment not requiring a Lithium Battery Handling Mark?30 Apr 18
Indication of Division number on Hazard Labels.30 Apr 18
What PSN must be used for shipment of air conditioner compressor?31 Mar 18
Question on a Fibreboard Box reinforced by wood panels.31 Mar 18
A question on Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.31 Mar 18
Please clarify our question on shipping Fire Extinguishers.31 Mar 18
Question on Lithium Battery packaging.31 Mar 18
A question on UN 2800 and PI 872.31 Mar 18
Please explain how Special Provision numbers are assigned.28 Feb 18
Need guidance on UN 3363.28 Feb 18
Question on hoses contaminated with fuel, and containers with a fuel smell.28 Feb 18
A question on shipping Automotive Gasoline Fuel Tank.28 Feb 18
Please explain the difference between and Feb 18
Can water-repellent spray be permitted as passenger baggage?31 Dec 17
Please guide us how to make the Declaration for an empty but uncleaned cylinder.31 Dec 17
An engine is to be shipped. How should we enter the quantity?31 Dec 17
Is the lithium batteries under PI 967 Section II General Cargo?31 Dec 17
Are De Minimis Quantities of DGR 2.6.10 “non-dangerous goods” ?31 Dec 17
The 59 Edition DGR introduces segregation of Lithium Batteries with certain dangerous goods. Please guide us whether the one year grace period will apply to Overpacks and APIO ?30 Nov 17
Shipment of malfunctioning UN 3496 Batteries, nickel-metal hydride.30 Nov 17
Does LTD QTY fibreboard boxes require water absorption requirement (not greater than 155 g/m2) ?30 Nov 17
When calculating the Q value, how far below the decimal point should we do the calculation?30 Nov 17
Passenger baggage rules for medical support items.31 Oct 17
Is Magnetized material not requiring a declaration considered as "Not Restricted"?30 Sep 17
Question on Self-reactive substances and organic peroxide not listed in Appendix C1 or C-2.30 Sep 17
Why isn’t UN 3225 shown in Table C 1 of Appendix C?30 Sep 17
Please advise on how to assign a Proper Shipping Name to a substance used for repairing aircraft parts.30 Sep 17
Under what conditions must a Dangerous Goods Declaration be prepared for a magnetized material shipment?31 Aug 17
Please explain how to show overpack on the declaration?31 Jul 17
Please explain the difference between USG-13 and DGR Jun 17
Please explain the definition of Section IA spelled out in the Introduction of PI965.30 Jun 17
Please give us guidance on shipping UN 2795 Battery.31 May 17
A question on loading Aircraft Equipment.31 May 17
Please guide us on the interpretation of Special Provision SP A4.31 May 17
Guidance is needed on UN 1219 Isopropanol.31 May 17
Question on the application of State Variation USG-18 on UN 3356 Oxygen generator, chemical.30 Apr 17
How to prepare AWB for Radioactive Material Excepted Packages.31 Mar 17
A question on shipping flammable liquid powered machine equipped with a battery.31 Mar 17
Question on Markings on the Outer Package of Radioactive Material.31 Mar 17
How do we treat the Declaration when the AWB number changes in transit to its final destination?31 Mar 17
Please advise whether the net quantity of UN 3528 Engine, internal combustion, flammable liquid powered should be declared in kilograms or in litres.31 Mar 17
Clarification on SP A197 regarding Environmentally Hazardous Substances.28 Feb 17
Question on shipment of dangerous goods of differing Packing Groups.28 Feb 17
A question on toxicity PG for toxic substances.28 Feb 17
Question of Excepted Quantity Dangerous Goods.28 Feb 17
Question on incoming US President Trump’s Executive Order on Lithium Battery marks.28 Feb 17
Question on the Telephone Number to be shown on the Lithium Battery Handling Label.28 Feb 17
Question on how to complete a Declaration for Radioactive Material ( Step 9) 28 Feb 17
Question on how to ship Engines in a cargo compartment of passenger aircraft.31 Jan 17
Please clarify the difference between a Cargo Hold and a Cargo Compartment.31 Jan 17
Question on State Variation SAG-06.31 Jan 17
What is the segregation distance in figures (meters or feet) for incompatible dangerous goods?31 Jan 17
Please clarify the Radioactive Material AWB requirements spelled out in DGR Jan 17
A question on the previous and new Lithium Battery Handling Mark.31 Dec 16
A question on the interpretation of SP A72.31 Dec 16
Please explain the difference of DGR 1.2.5 Approval and DGR 1.2.6 Exemption.31 Dec 16
I cannot understand DGR Dec 16
Is it forbidden to use UN specification packagings for packing UN3363?30 Nov 16
Question pertaining to Lithium Batteries Section II training in 2017 with DGR Edition 58.30 Nov 16
Another question pertaining to Lithium “Single cell batteries” in 2017 with DGR Edition 58.30 Nov 16
Can a brand new smart phone with its lithium battery uninstalled allowed as passenger baggage?30 Nov 16
A question on carriage of Section II Lithium batteries.30 Nov 16
A question on the number of spare batteries permitted in a shipment.30 Nov 16
Please explain what is Polymerizing Substances?30 Nov 16
A question on the interpretation of Special Provision SP A123 pertaining to ordinary batteries.30 Nov 16
A Question pertaining to Fuel Cells as passenger baggage.30 Nov 16
A question on how to pack UN3082 Environmentally hazardous substance, liquid.30 Nov 16
Please explain SP A130 applicable to Radioactive material, excepted package.30 Nov 16
Please explain the origin of the letter "B" of 3-letter code of RPB, and "S" of RSB.30 Nov 16
Question on the interpretation of State Variation SAG-02.31 Oct 16
Question on assignment of UN number and Proper Shipping Name.31 Oct 16
Question on Identification Mark when multiple overpacks are shipped.30 Sep 16
I have a question on DGR State Variation JPG-023.30 Sep 16
This is a question on UN1044 Fire extinguishers.30 Sep 16
Question on how to ship a motorcycle with a battery.30 Sep 16
Question on cabin carriage of inflated toy balloons by passengers.30 Sep 16
Does the one package per overpack limit apply only to Section II packages?31 Aug 16
I have a question on DGR State Variation JPG-09.31 Aug 16
Can I show PAX packages and CAO packages on the same Declaration?31 Aug 16
I have a question on IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive Label.31 Aug 16
A question on bicycles powered by batteries.31 Jul 16
A question of Watt-hour rating making on battery cases.31 Jul 16
Can I get the IATA DG Diploma by just taking the test?30 Jun 16
In shipping used engines, a certificate of cleaning is required.30 Jun 16
I have a question on Lithium ion non-rechargeable battery.30 Jun 16
Question regarding the description entry in fine print.30 Jun 16
A question on shipping UN 3091 Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment.30 Jun 16
Must we show UN 3314 on the NOTOC form? Which Cargo IMP Code should we assign, RMD or RSB?31 May 16
Aircraft evacuation slides have explosive substances included. Please guide us with UN number and Proper Shipping Name.31 May 16
Question on aircraft component, Cooling Unit.31 May 16
Question on shipping UN 1072 Oxygen, compressed to U.S.A.31 May 16
Question on N2O cylinder used on Cryopen, a wart-remover for pets, a medical device.31 May 16
We are exporting vehicles. Please guide us on the markings and labellings..30 Apr 16
A question on All Packed in One shipment.30 Apr 16
A question on the disparity of Net Quantity of the DGD and the Gross Weight on the AWB.30 Apr 16
Question on certification of State of Charge for lithium batteries effective 01 April 2016.31 Mar 16
Question on exemption from Div. 4.2 (Ref DGR Mar 16
Is there any good way to detect dangerous goods in small express packages?31 Mar 16
Question on State of Charge for lithium batteries effective 01 April 2016.29 Feb 16
Question on limitation of one package per consignment of lithium batteries.29 Feb 16
Question on circumventing the one package per one consignment rule.29 Feb 16
Question on limitation of lithium battery per package effective 2016 pertaining to the use of Lithium Battery Handling Label.29 Feb 16
Question on how to pack Mercury Lamps.29 Feb 16
Can refrigerating machine be accepted as passenger baggage?29 Feb 16
Question in reference to State Variation USG-13.31 Jan 16
What is the way to ship a fuel hose that still demonstrates a fuel smell?31 Jan 16
Effective from 1 April 2016, lithium ion batteries must be shipped at a State of Charge not exceeding 30% of their design capacity. Our question refers to this issue.31 Jan 16
Do we need to segregate EQ by Table 9.3.A?31 Jan 16
What is the criteria in segregating RCL cargo with other shipments?31 Jan 16
Dangerous goods with identical UN number but different technical name in brackets after the n.o.s. entry are packed in one package. How do we handle?31 Dec 15
Lithium battery operated SWEGWAY (drifting scooter) and HOVERBOARD (self-balancing scooter) are to be carried as Passenger baggage.31 Dec 15
There was an entry “DOT SP 7945” in the Authorization column of the Declaration covering UN 1956 Compressed gas, n.o.s. What is this number?31 Dec 15
Is it permissible to print Dangerous Goods labels directly onto the outer packagings?31 Dec 15
Why is “RPB” the Cargo IMP code for Toxic substance?31 Dec 15
May a 6HA1 with venting holes be used for dangerous goods?31 Dec 15
A question on Table 2.3.A Passenger Baggage.30 Nov 15
I have a question on batteries.30 Nov 15
A question on US State Variation USG-04.30 Nov 15
It is a gas powered portable generator intended as passenger baggage.30 Nov 15 and only refers to cargo. What about the effects to passengers?30 Nov 15
From DGR Edition 57, outer packaging of lithium batteries must be strong and rigid. Please explain.30 Nov 15
A question on the interpretation of Overpack - Section II in PI 965 and PI 968.31 Oct 15
Please explain Special Provision A181.31 Oct 15
Can Lithium Battery Charger be shipped as UN3481 Lithium ion battery contained in equipment? 31 Oct 15
A question on lamps containing mercury.31 Oct 15
I have a question on DG Recurrent course.30 Sep 15
We printed the Lithium Battery Handling Label on the outer packagings in all blue color. Is this acceptable?31 Aug 15
Validity of UN Test on Lithium batteries. 31 Aug 15
Is it permissible to use UN specification packages as outer packagings for Limited Quantity shipments? 31 Jul 15
A question on the interpretation of Lamps dealt in DGR Jul 15
Would the purpose of use determine whether the Lithium battery is dangerous or not?30 Jun 15
We have a question on Toner Cartridges and Toners for copying machines.30 Jun 15
We have a question on how the declare empty UN 1072 Oxygen compressed.30 Jun 15
Guide us on the net quantity marking on outer packagings.30 Jun 15
Is House AWB same as the Air Waybill quoted in the Regulations?30 Jun 15
Please tell us how to ship an empty UN 1002 Air compressed cylinder.30 Jun 15
Can we pack Lithium metal batteries and Lithium ion batteries in one outer package?01 Jun 15
Please give us the latest update on any new development on lithium battery regulations.01 Jun 15
Would the shipper be punished if there is something wrong with the UN specification package marking?01 Jun 15
Is it permissible to ship prototype lithium cells?31 May 15
Must workers driving pallets/containers containing dangerous goods from warehouse to shipside undergo DG training? 31 May 15
How do we enter the quantity of Cartridges, power device on the DGD?31 May 15
Is it permissible to include Excepted Quantity dangerous goods PG I in a Chemical Kit?31 May 15
Is IBC and IBCs identical? What is Composite IBC and Flexible IBC ?31 May 15
With UN Specification Package marking, is UN in capital letters shown horizontally acceptable instead of the symbol “u n” in a circle?31 May 15
This is a question on accepting Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities.30 Apr 15
Please enlighten us with the latest development on Lithium Battery shipments. 30 Apr 15
Question on location of Lithium Battery Handling Label and CAO Label.30 Apr 15
Question on how to express the quantity of UN 1072 on the DGD.30 Apr 15
Question on Lithium ion and metal batteries in bulk under Section II.30 Apr 15
Is it permissible to use a UN specification outer packaging as inner packaging?31 Mar 15
Is it permissible to use a UN specification outer packaging as an Overpack?31 Mar 15
This is a question on the size of package markings.28 Feb 15
A question on SP A197.28 Feb 15
I cannot find US DOT HM224B rule in the IATA DGR. Kindly guide me where to look?28 Feb 15
This is a question on the numbering of Special Provision numbers.31 Jan 15
A question on Lithium Battery labels.31 Jan 15
Can we pack Lithium ion and Lithium metal batteries in one package (APIO)?31 Jan 15
Can we do APIO with Lithium metal batteries?31 Dec 14
There is less than 1% of flammable liquid in a non-dangerous article. Can this article be shipped as Not Restricted?31 Dec 14
A substance contains 99% Butyl acetates. The substance is used for cleaning paints. Please guide us with the correct proper shipping name.31 Dec 14
May we put 50mL of stabilizing substance in a package containing UN 3373 Biological Substance, Category B?31 Dec 14
Where do I look in the 49 CFR to find provisions for Limited Quantity packagings?30 Nov 14
Only 4 items are permitted as “shipper-load” in DGR (56 Edition), whereas in (a) through (j), a total of 10 items are permitted as “shipper load”. Why is this disparity?30 Nov 14
There is a triangle shown in the margin of SP A75 but I cannot find what had changed.30 Nov 14
In of the 56 Edition, it says the name/address of the shipper/consignee must be entered in the Nature of Goods column on the AWB. There is no space.30 Nov 14
There is an error in the newly inserted of the 56 Edition.30 Nov 14
When placing multiple Radioactive Material Excepted Packages into an overpack, do we have to consider the total radiation limits and total activity limits of the overpack?30 Nov 14
SP A140 states it is not needed to show the technical name on the package. Is this mandatory?30 Nov 14
Are Battery Packs dangerous goods?31 Oct 14
I have a question on the design of Class 9 hazard label.31 Oct 14
Can Recurrent training be taken any time even before the 3-month advance period?31 Oct 14
Is there are rule where the maximum quantities per package can be exceeded? 31 Oct 14
Please explain the difference between HOLD and COMPARTMENT as referred in the DGR.31 Oct 14
I have a question on UN 3509 Packaging discarded, empty, uncleaned introduced in the 56th Edition for Year 2015.31 Oct 14
We showed “KG” in capital letters on the Declaration, and the carrier told us to change to “kg” in small characteers.30 Sep 14
Why is polymeric beads limited to 100 kg per cargo hold?30 Sep 14
Please explain the difference between CARGO HOLD and CARGO COMPARTMENT.30 Sep 14
A question on indication of quantity on multiple package shipment with identical contents.30 Sep 14
Need clarification on the Net Quantity of Lithium Batteries in PI 965 through PI 970.30 Sep 14
PI 620 and DGR seems to be contradicting. Please kindly explain.30 Sep 14
What could be the probable cause of dents with plastic jerricans also with steel drums.31 Aug 14
Question on labelling and documentation of UN 3373 with dry ice?31 Aug 14
A question on the identification marking for multiple overpacks.31 Jul 14
Clarification required on UN 3316 Chemical Kit.31 Jul 14
Is Lithium Batteries for Electric Bicycles permitted as passenger baggage?31 Jul 14
Is activated carbon for deodorizing use at homes or Kishu Bincho Charcoal categorized as dangerous goods?31 Jul 14
Question on DGR Wheelchairs with Lithium Batteries. 31 Jul 14
Per Addendum II to DGR 55 Edition, ERG code for Lithium Ion Batteries was relaxed to 9F. Why is this?30 Jun 14
Is Power Bank (Battery Pack) a battery? Or is it an equipment containing lithium batteries?30 Jun 14
A question on Lithium batteries contained in equipment sent by POST.30 Jun 14
Is there a requirement to show the status of UN Test approval for Lithium Batteries on the MSDS?30 Jun 14
Is it permissible to pack solid dangerous goods in UN single packaging without the letter S?30 Jun 14
Question on “All packed in one” for LTD QTY cargo.31 May 14
The manufacturer amended their MSDS. Which MSDS should we use?31 May 14
Need clarification on how to make AWB entry for Lithium Batteries of Section II.31 May 14
When shipping PBE as per SP A144, do we have to use PI 565?31 May 14
Need guidance on interpreting Special Provisions A4 and A5.30 Apr 14
Need confirmation on Lithium batteries dealt in USG-02.30 Apr 14
Is an EHS mark with a red color border line acceptable?30 Apr 14
Is it true that Lithium metal batteries will be banned from passenger aircraft?30 Apr 14
We only handle Lithium Batteries. What category training should we take?30 Apr 14
6.4kg of UN 3108 was packed in a UN specification package marked 4G/Y 6.2/S/12 but was rejected. Why?30 Apr 14
Is Zippo type lighters permitted as baggage?30 Apr 14
When applying a Packing Instruction which stipulates the use of PG II performance packaging, is it necessary to mark PG II in the PG column of the Declaration?31 Mar 14
Can an “All Packed in One” package hold both dangerous and non-dangerous goods?31 Mar 14
Can I place a dangerous goods package and a non-dangerous goods package in one Overpack?31 Mar 14
Please give me guidance on Operator Variation MH-13.31 Mar 14
I have a question on how to write the NOTOC.31 Mar 14
Why have Forbidden items such as UN1327 Hay, Straw, Bhusa and others been added to the DG List in the 55th Edition?28 Feb 14
Has SP A123 changed to include application to wet storage batteries?28 Feb 14
A question on Empty Packagings dealt in DGR Feb 14
When shipping a cylinder in an outer packaging, please advise whether this outer packaging is to be declared as an overpack?.28 Feb 14
Kindly explain SP A183.28 Feb 14
This is a question on 4GV packagings.28 Feb 14
A question on Toxicity.28 Feb 14
In reference to DGR, are the guidelines indicated in litres and kilograms mean the quantity of dangerous goods contained in the package or the capacity of the package?31 Jan 14
I have a few questions on DG Qualification31 Jan 14
Please explain how to enter the quantity on the Declaration.31 Dec 13
Please advise whether there is a filling ratio specified for UN drums and jerricans.31 Dec 13
The words “Poison Gas” and “Poison” have disappeared from the Text of Label Samples in Section 7 of the 55th Edition. Kindly explain why?31 Dec 13
This question relates to LTD QTY shipments by Air and also by Surface.31 Dec 13
Please explain about the identification mark to be marked on multiple overpacks.30 Nov 13
Edition 55 DGR stipulates that DGD will become required for shipping lithium batteries only. I have a question on filling the DGD.30 Nov 13
This is a question pertaining to Table 1.5.A in the 55 Edition where Flight Operations Officer and Flight Dispatcher are added to Training Requirements for Category 10.30 Nov 13
Can 10 units of Lithium battery-installed AED carried as carry-on baggage?30 Nov 13
In case of a CAO labeled shipment, a Division 6.1 primary hazard with a Class 3 subrisk may or may not be visible and accessible.?30 Nov 13
What are the new items such as Fish meal and Krill meal that are added to 4.2 List of Dangerous Goods?30 Nov 13
Is the 4 statements still necessary on the AWB for Lithium Batteries of Section IB?30 Nov 13
2014 DGR Ed 55 says surface LTD QTY marked shipment can be accepted for air transportation. I do not understand. Please explain.30 Nov 13
Is there a case where the EHS mark must be shown on an airborne LQ package?30 Nov 13
I have a question on Batteries, wet, without electrolyte and fully discharged.31 Oct 13
When the subsidiary risk label is unnecessary as in the case of UN 1230 Methanol 3 (6.1), is it necessary to enter the subsidiary risk information on the DGD?31 Oct 13
We have used an oxygen bottle loaded on the airplane for passenger use and would like to be guided on how to return the empty bottle.31 Oct 13
May we interpret Section IB of PI 965 for Lithium ion batteries as an exemption of Section IA?31 Oct 13
The EHS marking is not needed for EHS of less than 5L or 5kg. There are shippers tendering shipments with the EHS marking. Should we ask them to remove?31 Oct 13
Please explain the difference between a Lithium Cell and a Lithium Battery.31 Oct 13
Question on Viscous Substances in Edition 55 – 2014.05 Oct 13
Please explain UN3496 Batteries, nickel-metal hydride in Edition 55.05 Oct 13
Please explain on the spelling for the DGD per Edition 55.05 Oct 13
Please advise how to assign UN number on the MSDS.30 Sep 13
Please advise us on how to ship a fire extinguisher.30 Sep 13
A further question on dry batteries under SP A123.30 Sep 13
Please guide us whether this lithium battery in question is dangerous or not.30 Sep 13
Kindly give us the definition of the various terms used in the Regulation.30 Sep 13
Please explain the UN Test for lithium batteries.31 Aug 13
Please provide guidance on how to handle air transport of waste batteries or batteries for recycling or disposal.31 Aug 13
Does Special Provision A123 apply for rechargeable wet batteries or does it only apply to dry batteries?31 Aug 13
Is AED allowed for carriage as passenger carry-on baggage?31 Aug 13
Packing Instruction approves a 4G outer packaging however in the Additional Packing Requirements, it stipulates that the packaging material must not ignite. We gather we cannot use a 4G outer packaging?31 Aug 13
Please give us guidance on how to handle lithium batteries installed in equipment. (revised)31 Aug 13
Please guide us on how to enter the package description on the Declaration.31 Jul 13
Please give us guidance on how to package cylinders.31 Jul 13
We were told that State Variations for Japan had been amended in 2010. Why is the amendment not reflected in the IATA DGR?30 Jun 13
Please clarify how to interpret the Overpack provision in Section II of PI 965 for a Lithium ion battery shipment.30 Jun 13
All lithium batteries must pass the UN Test. Please teach us how to identify them.30 Jun 13
There is a 1.2m drop test requirement for lithium batteries. Is this part of the UN 38.3 Test? Is there a test certificate?30 Jun 13
Please guide us on the need for segregating Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities.30 Jun 13
Please guide us on how to process an overpack where you cannot see the UN specification markings of the packages inside.30 Jun 13
Is there any dangerous goods bearing the Class 9 label but not required to be listed on the NOTOC that require segregation?30 Jun 13
Please clarify the interpretation of SP A191 applied against UN 3506 Mercury contained in manfactured articles.30 Jun 13
In Item 14 of the MSDS it says there is no applicable UN number while the contents of the MSDS suggests it must be a hazardous substance. Should we believe what the MSDS says?30 Jun 13
Please explain Vapor Inhalation Toxicity given in Table 3.6.B.30 Jun 13
We have a few questions on Overpack markings.30 Jun 13
Dry ice has been packed as refrigerant for a shipment of non dangerous goods. We are assuming a Class 9 label is not necessary.31 May 13
We would like an explanation of Elevated temperature substances.31 May 13
Kindly explain about the Packing Instruction for Polymeric Beads.31 May 13
Please explain how to make the DGD for Environmentally hazardous substances.31 May 13
How many digits behind the decimal point must we show the quantity on the DGD? If multiple entries of the same UN number and PSN must be shown on the DGD, may we use an abbreviated format?31 May 13
Please guide us how to explain a non-spillable battery to a boarding passenger.31 May 13
Please explain marking of net quantity on packages.30 Apr 13
Please clarify which net wuantity should we declare UN 1072 Oxygen, compressed, the net weight of oxygen itself or the weight of the cylinder?30 Apr 13
When is UN specification mark applicable on cylinders?30 Apr 13
Is segregation necessary for Radioactive material (RRY) and Edibles such as foodstuffs?30 Apr 13
Please advise whether Chemical Agent Monitoring Equipment (DGR may be accepted as carry-on baggage.30 Apr 13
DGR is difficult to understand. Is thee a substance that would have multiple hazards that need segregation?30 Apr 13
May we ship Lithium metal cells/batteries of less than 0.3g lithium contents as totally deregulated with no extra requirements?31 Mar 13
Table PI 968-II stipulates that when shipping lithium metal batteries alone, you must pack 8 cells and 2 batteries in two separate outer packages. How about overpacks?31 Mar 13
DGR (a), (b) and (c) refer to the protection of the valve on the cylinders, and (e) states that the cylinder must be placed in an outer package of a quality that had passed a PG I drop test. Does this mean an overpack?31 Mar 13
Can we accept a shipment of Pentaborane mixture which in single form is forbidden for transport?31 Mar 13
Is segregation necessary for dangerous goods in passenger baggage and dangerous goods loaded as cargo?28 Feb 13
May we use a UN specification packaging marked UN 1A2/X 1.4/120/12/J-XXXX as an outer packaging of a combination packaging?28 Feb 13
Is it permissible to declare the quantity in kilograms for UN 1956 Compressed gas, n.o.s. on its declaration28 Feb 13
How should we enter the substance shown in Figure 8.1.O Example 11 (DGR Page 659) on the NOTOC?28 Feb 13
According to Table 2.3.A, there is no need to advise the PIC the loading location of wheelchairs equipped with non-spillable batteries. However, in DGR (d) 4., it says the PIC must be notified of the loading location. Please advise which is correct?28 Feb 13
Can APIO be packed in an overpack? How should the overpack be marked?31 Jan 13
Is it permissible to place Lithium batteries of Section IB and Section II in the same APIO or in the same Overpack?31 Jan 13
Can packages of PI 965 Section II be overpacked with other PI 965 Section II?31 Jan 13
Is it permissible to pack 8 cells and 2 batteries as specified in PI 968 Section II into one outer package?31 Jan 13
Can we overpack multiple shipments under PI 968 Section IB together?31 Jan 13
Please explain what is “lithium batteries packed with equipment”.31 Jan 13
The ERG code for UN 3480, UN 3481, UN 3090, UN 3091 have changed from 9F to 9FZ. What does 9FZ stand for?31 Jan 13
When shipping UN 3091 Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment, what is the weight we should enter on the DGD. Will it be the net weight of the battery?31 Jan 13
When shipping UN 3091 Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment and the installed battery is less than 100Wh and the quantity is less than 2, do we need the Lithium battery handling label and the additional entry on the AWB?31 Jan 13
We have a question on Mercury Lamps which had been changed with the 54th Edition.31 Jan 13
A shipper wishes to use his own ULD as outer packaging. Is this permissible?31 Jan 13
Can we ship an used engine as “non restricted” if we clean it thoroughly?31 Jan 13
54th Edition DGR has a new paragraph under DGR 1.2.9 Application of Standards. What standards is it addressing?31 Dec 12
I cannot clearly understand the recurrent training rule where one can take recurrent course from 3 months prior to expiry. Also the change of “day” to “month” is not clear.31 Dec 12
May a Lithium Battery shipment under Section IB be included in a consolidation?31 Dec 12
We have a question on CAPACITOR.31 Dec 12
Please enlighten us as we are unable to understand the scope of Shipper’s Responsibility with the new Lithium Battery regulations which becomes effective from 1 Jan. 2013.31 Dec 12
I have a Category 3 DG certificate. Am I eligible to attend a Category 6 recurrent course?31 Dec 12
Can an airline accept an IBC containing non-dangerous goods?31 Dec 12
Does the 5kg of ammunition allowed as passenger baggage require a 1.4S label?30 Nov 12
According to PI 200, cylinders of less than 1L capacity must be packaged in a strong outside packaging. Is this an overpack?30 Nov 12
I need guidance on UN 2809 Mercury contained in manufactured articles.30 Nov 12
Is there a website where I can easily access and secure updated information on 49 CFR such as the List of RQ?30 Nov 12
Can we consider the original UN Test done for a lithium ion single cell valid after an intermediary manufacturer adds a protection circuit to the cell?30 Nov 12
Please clarify the 25kg limit in USG-13 versus the Class C cargo compartment exemption of DGR 9.3.4 (b).31 Oct 12
When the person responsible for ULD loading and the person responsible for Bulk loading is different, may two signatures appear in the “Loaded by” box of the NOTOC form?31 Oct 12
If individual chemical substances contained in a First Aid Kit are limited to the Excepted Quantity maximum, by applying SP A163, may the First Aid Kit itself be shipped as Excepted Quantity shipment?31 Oct 12
May we classify Hexanols with a Flash Point of 62℃ as not dangerous goods?31 Oct 12
Can live animals be transported by Post?31 Oct 12
Please tell us how to express IBC packaging on the Declaration?31 Oct 12
Can passengers carry a Paint Ball Gun and Canisters in his/her checked baggage?31 Oct 12
What is “Permeation Device” mentioned in DGR 54th Edition Oct 12
A passenger from a stuffed doll manufacturer wishes to hand carry as baggage a merchandise sample of stuffed clothing equipped with a non-spillable battery. Can this be accepted as baggage per DGR Oct 12
Is it true that unless one has taken IATA training and has acquired an IATA certificate, one cannot dispatch dangerous goods shipments by air?30 Sep 12
Must ammunition permitted in passenger checked baggage per DGR be in a box that can be locked?30 Sep 12
Please advise instances where the star symbol (★) May be ignored for determining a proper shipping name.30 Sep 12
For Class 1 Explosives, there are two weights, i.e., the Net Quantity and Net Explosive Mass. Why is it, and what is the difference?30 Sep 12
This is a question on ID 8000 Consumer Commodity.30 Sep 12
Even for a shipment of radioactive material in excepted quantities, if the package weighs more than 50kg gross, the package must be indicated with a permissible gross weight. Does the 50kg apply to the entire shipment or for a single package?30 Sep 12
There was no absorbent material in a liquid dangerous goods package which we received. Should we report this discrepancy?31 Aug 12
A shipment of fire extinguishers was Dec ared as UN 1956 Compressed gas, n.o.s. (xxxxx). Isn’t this an error?31 Aug 12
Is an Alcohol Thermometer using Kerosene a dangerous goods?31 Aug 12
With Section IB applicable from Year 2013, May we apply the Class 9 hazard label and the Lithium Battery Handling Label on different sides?31 Aug 12
Please advise us how to transport company owned laptop computers?31 Aug 12
Please clarify interpretation of DGR Aug 12
How do we treat UN Specification Package symbols not in conformity with the DGD?31 Aug 12
Please confirm US State Variation Table USG-13.C.31 Aug 12
Please explain about the overpack of non-regulated lithium batteries.31 Jul 12
Please explain All packed in one for LTD QTY.31 Jul 12
Is it possible to load several APIO packages in the same overpack?31 Jul 12
Please give us guidance on how to make the DGD for APIO?31 Jul 12
Where do you write the letters RQ on the shipping document when shipping to the United States?31 Jul 12
Is it really possible to reuse a 4G packaging material?31 Jul 12
We are going to use vermiculite as absorbent material. How should we do the packing?31 Jul 12
A passenger can carry maximum 5L of alcoholic beverage as baggage but is opened bottles permitted?31 Jul 12
We have removed a nickel cadmium dry battery from a passenger’s wheelchair. How should we enter it on the NOTOC?31 Jul 12
A regulation of a certain country is not listed as State Variation in the IATA DGR. Must we abide with it?31 Jul 12
1A2 steel drum without the letter S has been used for a shipment of solids. Should we reject acceptance?30 Jun 12
Is retention of shipping documents stipulated in DGR 1.3.4 mandatory for non-regulated dangerous goods?30 Jun 12
Re DGR, is the telephone number insertion mandatory on the NOTOC?30 Jun 12
Please tell us how to determine the PSN for organic peroxides.30 Jun 12
UN 3077, UN 3082, UN 3334 and UN 3335 show a maximum net quantity for PAX/CAO packing instructions but for LTD QTY, only 30jg G is shown. Why is it so?30 Jun 12
Please explain how to pack lithium ion batteries.30 Jun 12
Effective 1 Jul 2012, the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations 12th Edition mandates that the Time & Temperature Sensitive Label must be affixed on all shipments requiring temperature control. What about dangerous goods?15 Jun 12
What is the correct UN number and PSN of UN 2716 1,4-Butynediol dissolved in water?31 May 12
State Variations and Operator Variations are referenced in the Packing Instruction pages. If USG-13 is not mentioned, May we assume the 25kg rule is not applicable to this particular substance?31 May 12
Please show us how to write the DGD for an All Packed in One shipment of dangerous goods with dry ice?31 May 12
How can an airline get permission to equip an AED powered by lithium ion batteries on the aircraft as in-flight equipment?31 May 12
I have completed an IATA DG Category 3 training. Am I eligible to take a Category 6 Recurrent training?31 May 12
Effective 2013, we have heard that there will be a change to the Lithium Battery rules. Will there be another set of 3-letter codes introduced?31 May 12
All gases had been removed from UN 2990 Life saving appliances, self-inflating. May we ship it as Not Restricted?30 Apr 12
An equipment with lithium ion battery is found to be defective and need to be airlifted for repair. The battery is not damaged and not the cause of the defect. Can we ship it by air?30 Apr 12
A package had the UN number, PSN, Hazard Labels on the top side with the CAO label and Orientation Mar ing on the side. The shipper responded there is no such rule when we asked the shipper to put all the Mar ings and labels on the side. With the Mar ings and hazard labels on the top, we are perplexed on how to palletize the shipment.31 Mar 12
What does the term NET WEIGHT really mean?29 Feb 12
When shipping Lithium batteries contained in equipment (PI 967 and PI 970), should we indicate net weight or gross weight?29 Feb 12
Per DGR 53rd Edition, quantity indication and dry ice quantity indication had been deleted from the Mar ing requirements on sealed overpacks causing an operation problem in the preparation of NOTOC31 Jan 12
Is there a need to segregate individual chemicals in a Chemical Kit or First Aid Kit? There are contradicting statements in SP A44 and in PI 960 and PI Y960.31 Jan 12
If there is no dangerous goods in a First Aid Kit, May we ship it as Non DG? How should the AWB be prepared?31 Jan 12
Special Provision A 154 stipulates that defective lithium batteries are forbidden from air transport. What is the bench Mar for permission?31 Jan 12
When shipping Lithium batteries contained in equipment (PI 967 and PI 970), should we indicate net weight or gross weight?31 Jan 12
A Note has been added to DGR saying gases less than 50mL can be sent as Not Restricted. Is this correct?31 Jan 12
Even though the PSN has a STAR symbol, the shipper is ignoring to add the technical name or chemical name in parenthesis stating that it is a trade secret.31 Jan 12
I had the understanding that DGD can only be signed by a person who possess a DG certification. Your 31 Mar h 2010 Q&A states certification is not mandatory. Please kindly confirm?31 Jan 12
Is the Package Orientation Mar ing necessary for cylinders containing gases?31 Dec 11
Are Package Orientation Mar ings needed for Engines and Vehicles?31 Dec 11
Is gel-type batteries considered as non-dangerous goods?31 Dec 11
Packing Instructions PI 965, PI 966 and PI 967 carry paragraphs stating that the Watt-hour rating must be shown on the battery casing, however, there are two different dates shown on the same packing instructions and are confusing. Kindly explain.31 Dec 11
Will the airline reject a shipment of non dangerous goods packed in UN specification packagings?30 Nov 11
Is the Net Explosive Mass (NEM) quantity no longer necessary to be shown on the packages?30 Nov 11
Effective with the 53rd Edition DGR, we note that the designation of lithium batteries have been deleted from DGR and it now covers any battery. Is this true?30 Nov 11
What are the Heat Producing Articles mentioned in DGR Nov 11
A passenger wants to carry an electronic body (pocket) warmer activated by lithium ion battery. How must we treat this request?30 Nov 11
Can I use UN specification packaging to ship LTD QTY?31 Oct 11
A passenger purchased a Chain Saw and wants to carry it as baggage.31 Oct 11
How far must CAO packages inside a CAO overpack be made visible and accessible?31 Oct 11
A 24-hour emergency telephone entry is mandatory for shipments to the United States. Please tell us the latest on this regulation.31 Oct 11
A particular flammable liquid was categorized as a Mar ne Pollutant. We have attached an Environmentally Hazardous Substance Mar ing in addition to the Class 9 label on the package but the forwarder removed it. EU regulations require this Mar ing.31 Oct 11
Can an overpack contain packages for PAX aircraft and CAO aircraft?30 Sep 11
Is it not necessary to segregate Div. 6.2 with other dangerous goods for instance with Div 4.1?30 Sep 11
What steps must we follow when the Organic Peroxide intended for shipment is not listed in Appendix C.2?30 Sep 11
A weak magnetic field not resulting to a compass deflection of more than 2 degrees at a distance of 4.6m is tendered with a DGD. I believe a DGD is not required, and this is a mistake.30 Sep 11
What is the definition of active substance mentioned in DGR Sep 11
I am confused with the entry of net weight or gross weight on the DGD for various lithium battery shipments under Section I.30 Sep 11
Recently many electronic devices have appeared on the Mar et that contain different type of batteries. What is the rule of a thumb to determine whether they are dangerous or not.31 Aug 11
The LTD QTY limit for UN 3082 Environmentally hazardous substance, liquid, n.o.s. which is a liquid is shown as 30kg G. Why is it not shown in Litres?31 Aug 11
There is a UN package bearing the following Mar ing: UN 1A2/Y1.2 Z1.5/100/11. Can this package be used to contain solid substances?31 Aug 11
Do we have to copy the light print entry which the shipper indicated on the DGD to the NOTOC form which the airline prepare?31 Aug 11
Please explain the definition of COMPARTMENT used in State Variation USG-13?31 Aug 11
When forwarding Special Form as Radioactive Material Excepted Package, how should we handle the Special Form Certificate?31 Aug 11
On Table 10.3.A, in the Radionuclide column, there are entries like Ag-108m where there is a letter ?gm?h shown behind the Radionuclide code. What does this letter ?gm?h mean?31 Aug 11
In USG-18, it indicates, for example, UN 1072 need to be placed in a rigid outer packaging that meets specified flame penetration and thermal resistance requirement. What does ?grigid outer packaging?h mean?31 Jul 11
Please explain Packing Instruction 966 for Lithium ion Battery ?gpacked with?h equipment.31 Jul 11
Please explain how to complete a DGD for LTD QTY ?gall packed in one?h with a gross weight indication?31 Jul 11
Please advise how to enter the quantity of the DGD for UN 1044 Fire Extinguisher.31 Jul 11
When completing the Dec aration for Explosives, how should we enter the quantity information on Net Explosive Mass (NEM)?31 Jul 11
DGD was rejected because the page number was entered as Page 2 of 1 Page.31 Jul 11
Are chemicals allowed in passenger baggage?31 Jul 11
Is blood samples with a non-infectious certificate issued by a medical laboratory allowed as checked baggage?31 Jul 11
How can we return defective UN 3356 Chemical Oxygen Generator for exchange?31 Jul 11
Why isn?ft there a Packing Group for Class 2 Gases?31 Jul 11
Please explain the rules to transport aircraft tire assembly by air.31 Jul 11
For ?gAll packed in one?h shipments, Q value is not needed for those with the same UN number, packing group and physical state provided they are the only dangerous goods in the package. Please explain.30 Jun 11
Please explain the difference between UN 3363 Dangerous Goods in Apparatus and Machinery.30 Jun 11
Is the ?gstrong outer packaging?h mentioned in PI 962 for UN 3363 Dangerous Goods in Apparatus/Machinery a UN certified packaging?30 Jun 11
Please explain how to enter the quantity of UN 3363 Dangerous Goods in Apparatus/Machinery on the DGD.30 Jun 11
Please explain how to enter the quantity of UN 3166 Engine, internal combustion, flammable liquid powered on the DGD.30 Jun 11
Please explain how to enter the quantity of UN 3072 Life-saving appliances, not self-inflating on the DGD.30 Jun 11
Is there such a thing as Waste UN 3077 Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, n.o.s. (xxxxxxx) ? How should I make the Dec aration?30 Jun 11
Is it permissible to reduce the size of LTD QTY Mar ings to say 70mm or 80mm square?30 Jun 11
Is the Orientation Mar ing necessary for cargo in gas form?30 Jun 11
A consignee finds the shipment of dangerous goods consigned had an irregularity. Does the consignee have a duty to report irregularities of dangerous goods shipments?30 Jun 11
In Appendix D, we find some countries do not have a competent authority for dangerous goods . Is there an embargo against dangerous goods for such countries?30 Jun 11
If one has a license to produce UN packagings from one country, can he utilize that license to produce UN packagings in a different country?30 Jun 11
Can liquid dangerous goods used for making dentures be permitted as carry-on baggage?31 May 11
Why must spare lithium batteries be carried as carry-on baggage and not as checked baggage?31 May 11
Clarification is requested in the interpretation of the word ?gpackage?h in PI 966 used for Lithium ion batteries packed with equipment.31 May 11
Is the quantity stipulated for UN 3077, Gross weight per package or Net weight per package?31 May 11
Should we show the net quantity for UN 1066, UN 1072 and UN 1956 on the DGD or should we add the weight of the cylinders?31 May 11
Please give us guidance on what Mar ings should be shown on the Overpack31 May 11
Disparity of Gross Weight of Dangerous Goods on DGD and Gross Weight of the Overpack on the AWB is causing delays to our shipments.31 May 11
Please explain the AWB entry for Magnetized Material?31 May 11
Is it not permitted to enter Approval Numbers or references of the Destination States in the Authorization column of the Dec aration?31 May 11
Must a designated person sign the NOTOC form?31 May 11
Is a permit required for manufact uring UN specification packagings?31 May 11
There is currently no testing facility in Taiwan for UN specification packagings. Where should Taiwan produced packagings get tested and authorized?31 May 11
How should the NOTOC be made for dangerous goods in passenger?fs baggage?30 Apr 11
Have the regulation on Magnetic Material changed with the 52nd Edition?30 Apr 11
When a MAG shipment is accompanied by DGD, does it mean that a prior approval of the State of Origin ands the State of the operator must be present?30 Apr 11
Question on DGR 3.11 Transport of Samples.30 Apr 11
Question on the VRI code for Type A Package for Radioactive Material.30 Apr 11
The Gross Weight shown on the DGD does not agree with the Actual Weight on the AWB. Can you explain why?31 Mar 11
When loading passenger?fs oxygen bottle as checked baggage, do we have to segregate it against other dangerous cargo shipments?31 Mar 11
How can we determine whether the Lithium ion battery used on a wheelchair is UN tested?31 Mar 11
Why was IP codes discontinued with the Inner Packagings? Why is that Aerosols still carry the IP codes?31 Mar 11
Please explain the difference between OPEN ULD and CLOSED ULD.31 Mar 11
Please explain how to fill the NEM value of Explosives on the DGD.28 Feb 11
For signing the DGD, can a rubber stamp with the impression of the signature be acceptable?28 Feb 11
Is there a method where we May airlift defective batteries?28 Feb 11
When an electronic component is affixed to a lithium metal battery, should this product be classified as UN 3090 or UN 3091?28 Feb 11
When shipping UN 3077/UN 308 as LTD QTY, do we have to affix the Environmentally Hazardous Substance Mar ?28 Feb 11
Please explain on how to complete an ?gAll Packed in One?h Dec aration of dangerous goods and non-dangerous goods packed together?31 Jan 11
How do you complete an ?gAll packed in one?h Dec aration?31 Jan 11
Can Nickel Metal Hydride batteries be shipped by air?31 Jan 11
DGR specifies the limit of Lithium metal battery and Lithium alloy battery. What is the limit for cells?31 Jan 11
Is it permissible to air transport aircraft parts removed from the aircraft having UN 2795 Batteries wet filled with alkali installed to a Maintenance Center for recharging?31 Jan 11
New Cargo-IMP codes have been assigned to Lithium Batteries. Do we indicate these new codes on the NOTOC?31 Jan 11
Why is watt-hour rating Mar ing requirement on Lithium Ion Batteries differ for fully regulated Class 9 and Excepted lithium batteries as indicated in PI 965?31 Jan 11
Can rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries be shipped by passenger aircraft to the United States?31 Jan 11
Lithium Metal Batteries from the U.S. are CAO. When shipping the same batteries NRT/HKG can they go on a passenger aircraft?31 Jan 11
Are passengers allowed to carry medical oxygen cylinders as carry-on baggage on a US bound flight?31 Jan 11
Under what circumstances, can Magnetized Material be shipped without making a Dec aration?31 Jan 11
A shipper says a certain Aviation Regulated Liquid UN 3334 in quantity of 500mL is exempt? We cannot find such reference.31 Jan 11
Other than Dry Ice, please explain why other dangerous goods must not be packed in the same outer packaging with Chemical Kits according to PI 960 and PI Y960?31 Jan 11
When applying ?gAll packed in one?h for UN 2037 in a LTD QTY packaging, UN 2037 can now be excluded from Q calculation. Why aren?ft UN 3478, UN 3479 and UN 3316 which have a net mass limit per package alike UN 2037 not treated the same?31 Jan 11
What is the segregation distance of Explosives dealt in Jan 11
What is the width of the line of the new diamond shape Mar ing for LTD QTY?31 Jan 11
For an overpacked LTD QTY package, do we need to reproduce the Diamond shaped Mar with the letter ?gY?h on the overpack?31 Jan 11
Dangerous Goods shipments packed prior to 31 Dec 2010 using the old Packing Instruction May be shipped until 31 Mar h 2011. How do we make the DGD and what date must we put?31 Jan 11
Packages prepared prior to 31 Dec 2010 are granted a transition period, and are allowed to be shipped until 31 Mar h 2011, however there is no means to verify that the packages were actually completed prior to 31 Dec 2010. How should we handle this?31 Jan 11
Can a shrink wrap be considered as a visible and accessible Overpack?31 Jan 11
What is meant by not abbreviating the names/addresses of the Shipper and Consignee on the Dec aration?31 Dec 10
Are gas stove lighters allowed as passenger baggage?31 Dec 10
What is meant by ?gEmpty Packaging?h?31 Dec 10
Please clarify the contradiction between DGR 4.1.6 and SP A99?31 Dec 10
What is the intent of SP A182?31 Dec 10
DGR and appears to be contradicting?31 Dec 10
Is it permissible to have the shipper?fs name and consignee?fs name same on the DGD?30 Nov 10
What is the PG for UN1845 Dry Ice?30 Nov 10
Do Excepted Quantities require segregation?30 Nov 10
What does the finger symbol at mean?30 Nov 10
What does hermetically sealed mean?30 Nov 10
Can we write the light print nomenclature as PSN on the DGD?29 Oct 10
What is a composite packaging? Why is it shown with the Single Packaging block in the Packing Instructions?29 Oct 10
Section II of Packing Instruction of 965, 966, 968 and 969 require a 1.2m drop test. Do the shipper have to drop all the boxes or can it be done on a sampling basis?29 Oct 10
When overpacking lithium battery shipments, must we label each individual boxes and also label the overpack?29 Oct 10
How do you ship a 80Wh lithium ion battery weighing 15kgG?29 Oct 10
Please explain more about USG-04 Reportable Quantities?29 Oct 10
With the 52nd Edition, we understand that there will be additional segregation with Class 1 Explosives. Please give us advance briefing.29 Oct 10
We understand that the LTD QTY Mar ing will change with the 52nd Edition DGR. Please advise whether there will be a transition period allowed.29 Oct 10
How do we Dec are a Chemical Oxygen Generator which was never used?30 Sep 10
Please explain why there is a finger point Mar on the Mar in along DGR Sep 10
How should we handle empty RNG/RCL cylinders?30 Sep 10
Do we have to write OVERPACK and reproduce all the UN Mar ings and labels on the surface when it bacame invisible on overpacked drums?31 Aug 10
When making an ?gAll packed in one?h package, where the rule about that PAX packages and CAO packages must not be mixed?31 Aug 10
UN 1746 : Please explain what is needed under Special Provision A2?31 Aug 10
IRG-03 : Under the provisions of A1, A2 or A109, What would be needed for a simple transit or an overfly?31 Aug 10
Is it necessary to show both Cargo IMP code of RNG and RCL on the NOTOC?31 Aug 10
Question on U Dec ared or Mis Dec ared dangerous goods. What does ?gthe State in which this occurred?h (found in DGR 9.6.2) mean?31 Aug 10
Question on the items quoted in Additional Requirement I that are mandatory conditions.31 Aug 10
Please guide us how to make an OVERPACK DGD containing Dry Ice.31 Aug 10
Is segregation necessary for Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities?31 Jul 10
Question on the maximum allowable quantity in an LTD QTY package and a Passenger Aircraft UN packaging.31 Jul 10
Most passenger wouldn't know whether the lithium battery installed in his/her laptop computer had passed the required UN tests.31 Jul 10
Is a humidifier using UN3159 Refrigerant Gas R134a a dangerous good?31 Jul 10
Question in reference to equipment and parts within an aircraft fuel tank31 Jul 10
Please advise us how to make an ?gAll packed in one?h Dec aration when shipping multiple dangerous goods with Gross Weight indication.30 Jun 10
UN3082 packed in LTD QTY is cooled by Dry Ice. Please advise whether the DGD shown below is properly made or not?30 Jun 10
Please explain the rules for passengers carrying cigarette lighters and also whether a ZIPPO type cigarette lighter is permitted as passenger baggage.30 Jun 10
Please advise how to handle and store dangerous goods found after the flight is airborne.30 Jun 10
The following DG is shown on one AWB. Please advise whether the quantity must be written on the packages?30 Jun 10
Are speakers magnetized material?30 Jun 10
I have a question on Flight Kit to be loaded on the aircraft.30 Jun 10
We are in doubt on how far should we permit the ?gFacsimile signature?h spelled out in DGR Jun 10
How do you identify a shipment of infectious substance containing Foot and Mouth Disease?31 May 10
Must the unit of measurement on the DGD be in kg for solids, and L for liquids? What about shown in grams or mL?31 May 10
If the Shipper and Consignee addresses are too lengthy and would not fit into the boxes provided, how should I make the DGD?31 May 10
How can we determine when a Radioactive shipment is Not Restricted General Cargo?31 May 10
Question on UN 3148 Water-reactive liquid, n.o.s.?? PG II31 May 10
Question on requirements of PI 900?FUN 3166 Motorcycle31 May 10
What is the PSN of a sealant often used in machinery maintenance?31 May 10
Can I pack a dangerous goods in excepted quantity (EQ) together with a non-dangerous goods?31 May 10
How do I Dec are a shipment of Walkie Talkie packed with one each Lithium Ion Battery and one each Lithium Metal Battery?31 May 10
UN 1415 Lithium has A1 in column ?gM?h. May I just enter A1 in the Authorization column of the DGR?31 May 10
Question on PI 910. Shipping non-toxic but flammable aerosols packed in a metal inner package not exceeding 500 mL as ID 800031 May 10
Please explain the Note written under Special Provision A1.31 May 10
There seem to be printing errors and some confusion in the caption for PI 616. Please clarify.31 May 10
Question on DGR (c) and DGR Apr 10
Does the Segregation of Packages Table 9.3.A apply to all DG shipments, i.e., PAX, CAO,LTD QTY and EQ shipments?30 Apr 10
With al1 packed in one, if the substances are of the same UN number, same PG and same physical condition, there is no need to include in the Q calculation. Kindly clarify this rule.30 Apr 10
Is the signature of the Dangerous Goods Dec aration restricted to individuals who have passed IATA DG training?31 Mar 10
A question on amending a Dangerous Goods Dec aration31 Mar 10
I have a question on UN1072 Oxygen, compressed.31 Mar 10
I have a question on gel-type batteries.31 Mar 10
What is the life span for packagings listed in Table 5.0.C?31 Mar 10
Is DG by Air qualification valid for road and ocean transport of DG?28 Feb 10
We are importers of dangerous goods from the United States. We would like to know if consignees would be penalized?28 Feb 10
Why can?ft we mix LTD QTY, PAX and CAO when we do the Q calculation?28 Feb 10
Page numbers on DGD of Consolidated Shipments28 Feb 10
Please advise whether UN3373 Biological substance, Category B should be shown on the NOTOC28 Feb 10
Interpretation of SP A15128 Feb 10
Use of Table 3.3.A to assign PG for Flammable Liquid28 Feb 10
PG assignment for Division 4.328 Feb 10
Are wet batteries tendered without electrolyte considered as Non DG?28 Feb 10
Question on Environmentally hazardous substance Mar ing28 Feb 10
Are scooters dangerous goods?28 Feb 10
Can we ship Lithium Metal Rechargeable Batteries on a Passenger Aircraft to the United States?28 Feb 10
Can the Roman numerals in the packing instructions for Lithium Batteries, i.e., SECTION I, SECTION II, be replaced with Arabic numerals such as SECTION 1 or SECTION 2?28 Feb 10
Question on Lithium Batteries with a mass of 12 kg or greater.28 Feb 10
I am confused with lithium batteries carried as passenger baggage.28 Feb 10
Segregation of Excepted Quantities in ?gAll packed in one?h31 Jan 10
Shipping Lithium Battery-powered vehicles31 Jan 10
AWB entries required when shipping Lithium Batteries31 Jan 10
RQ requirements in USG-0431 Jan 10
When must quantity be shown on packages31 Jan 10
What are the Mar ings that are necessary for an OVERPACK?31 Jan 10
Shipping Dry Ice as Cargo31 Jan 10
Air Eligibility Mar ing23 Dec 2003 (6 Mar 2005)
Overpacking CAO shipments31 Mar 2004 (6 Mar 2005)
CAO and Passenger DG mixed in a Consolidation27 Feb 05
Application of the Hazard Label27 Feb 05
Handwritten UN Specification Mar ings27 Feb 05
Special Provision A4627 Feb 05
Interpretation of SP A3 and A5827 Feb 05
24 hour Emergency Telephone Numbers27 Feb 05
Security Plan27 Feb 05
When the old form is prepared/signed by a person other than the shipper6 Jan 05
State Variation USG-13 (d).9 Aug 04
Identification Mar s on Overpacks2 Apr 04
Identification Mar s on Overpacks for Consolidations2 Apr 04
Loading of CAO labelled Overpacks2 Apr 04
CAO label for PAX or CAO shipments of the same limitation31 Mar 04
What is a ?gV?h packaging6 Mar 04
Shipper built Refrigerated Container6 Mar 04
DG in Excepted Quantities and LTD QTY in one outer package6 Mar 04
DG in Excepted Quantities and LTD QTY in one overpack6 Mar 04
Hair curler without safety cover11 Feb 04
Proper Shipping Names of Aerosol with sub-risk22 Jan 04
Why is Radioactive material Excepted Package called ?gL?h Type in Japan11 Jan 04
US FAA rules for recurrent training11 Jan 04
Question on Special Provision A911 Jan 04
Why doesn?ft Europe recognize ID 8000 Consumer Commodity13 Dec 03
Medical care for passenger on board1 Dec 03
Dangerous goods and non-dangerous goods in one outer packaging30 Nov 03
Dangerous goods and non-dangerous goods in one overpack30 Nov 03
UN3091 Lithium batteries packed with equipment30 Nov 03
CAO package and non-CAO package in one shipment30 Nov 03
Overpacks where some UN specification packaging Mar ings cannot be seen30 Nov 03
Salvage Packagings30 Nov 03
What is a Deadicated Handling Device30 Nov 03
Dangerous goods in Excepted Quantities30 Nov 03

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Question on Valuation charge.31 Jan 22
I have a question on the structure of IATA cargo rates.31 Oct 19
Kindly explain Article 15 of the 1999 Montreal Convention31 Mar 19
Can airlines charge their own cargo rates whether higher or lower than IATA published rates?31 Jan 19
Are the terms “House Air Waybill” and “House Waybill” the same?31 Jan 19
The language printed on the reverse side of the AWB should be a “Condition of Carriage” but it is shown as “Condition of Contract”. Kindly explain why?31 Jan 19
Question on IATA Live Animals Regulations.31 May 18
When shipping Cattle which Container Requirement should we use?28 Feb 18
A question on 3.2 Valuation Charge from TACT Rule Book.31 Mar 17
Can an airline charge minimum ULD pivot weight for a coffin shipment?31 Jan 17
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A question on the Loss of Forwarder’s POUCH attached to the MAWB.31 Oct 16
A question on the eligibility to file a cargo claim.31 Jul 16
Why is both 17SDR and 19SDR shown in 3.2 Valuation Charge of TACT Rules Book?31 Mar 16
Kindly explain how to interpret Article 8 of the Montreal Convention.31 Jan 16
A question on Claims on delayed shipments.31 Jul 14
This is a question on Minimum Charges.31 Mar 14
Cargo add-on rates to/from Japan has been removed from TACT Rates. How should we calculate cargo rates to/from Japan?28 Feb 14
What does the third letter in the ULD identification code represent?30 Apr 13
A shipment of fresh agricultural product arrived with a problem and the consignee refused to take part of the shipment. Thus the right of disposition transferred to the shipper, and the consignee also lost the right to claim for damages. The shipper now is the only party possessing the right to claim. Is this interpretation correct?31 Dec 12
The name of the commodity shown on the CARGO MANIFEST is slightly different from the name of the commodity shown on the AWB. Is it permissible?30 Jun 11
Who will receive the AWB Fee when a Pre-Printed AWB is issued?31 May 11
Calculation of Volume Weight30 Nov 10
5% Consumption Tax on AWB charge assessed in Japan?30 Nov 10
Rates for shipments to/from USA and ECAA?30 Nov 10
Which convention would govern air cargo traffic between Tunisia and Japan?31 Jul 10
Question on liability limitation30 Jun 10
Please advise whether live edible seafood such as Live Lobsters should be handled as PER or AVI, and how they should be rated?30 Apr 10
Please explain what transpired with the 1999 Montreal Convention.1 Dec 2003 (28 Feb 2010)
Please explain the reason behind the increase of Airline Liability Limits for cargo from 17 SDR to 19 SDR per kilogram effective 30 Dec mber 2009.28 Feb 10
Live dog and Free Air Volume6 Mar 04
Conversion of 17SDR into local currency11 Feb 04
Cargo Claims ?cConversion into local currency11 Jan 04
Where do you find the SDR values?14 Dec 03
Who can file a claim on a non-arrival shipment?1 Dec 03
How to calculate a volumetric shipment30 Nov 03
Definition of passenger baggage30 Nov 03
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