(Please explain the definition of COMPARTMENT used in State Variation USG-13?)

The terminology of COMPARTMENT is used in State Variation USG-13 (d) and its accompanying Tables USG-13.A, -13.B and -13.C. Kindly explain the definition of COMPARTMENT. (31 Aug 11)

The United States refers to a COMPARTMENT to be a space of an aircraft that is formed by walls or bulkheads with a solid flooring and ceiling.

A normal wide-bodied aircraft will have two COMPARTMENTS in the lower Dec , i.e., the FWD COMPARTMENT and the AFT COMPARTMENT. IATA in its Airport Handling Manual defines the same space as a HOLD, and a COMPARTMENT is an area within the HOLD.

Therefore, according to IATA definition, a wide-bodied aircraft will normally have 2 HOLDs in the lower Dec , the FWD HOLD and AFT HOLD. Within the FWD HOLD, there are two COMPARTMENTS, FWD 1 and FWD 2 COMPARTMENTS. In the AFT HOLD, there are 3 compartments, AFT 3, AFT 4 and BULK COMPARTMENTS. Take caution as the US DOT definition is not the same as IATA.

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