(Lithium Metal Batteries from the U.S. are CAO. When shipping the same batteries NRT/HKG can they go on a passenger aircraft?)

The US State Variation USG-02stipulates that pr Mar Lithium Metal Batteries must not be loaded on passenger carrying aircraft, and they are documented as CAO and shipped on CAO. If the same batteries are shipped on a non-US carrier from NRT to HKG, May these be loaded on a passenger aircraft? (31 Jan 11)

Yes, they May be shipped on a passenger carrying aircraft. U.S. State Variations only apply to shipments to/from or through the United States, or on a US carrier flying at any parts of the world. When the same lithium metal batteries are shipped between NRT and HKG and on a non-US carrier, USG-02 will not apply. The CAO Dec aration May remain CAO, but loading May either be on CAO or Passenger. To avoid mishandling, the CAO labels on the packages should be removed or obliterated.

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