(Do we have to copy the light print entry which the shipper indicated on the DGD to the NOTOC form which the airline prepare?)

The shipper have entered the light print description to the PSN on the DGD. Do we have to copy such light print onto the NOTOC form? (31 Aug 11)

There is no need to copy the light print entries on the NOTOC firm. DGR 4.2 contains PSN in bold print and in some cases, show additional description in light print. As it quoted in Notes 1 of DGR 8.1.3, the DGD May carry the light print in addition to the bold print PSN. It is left to the choice of the shipper.

The NOTOC form is a communication element for the ground staff to inform the captain what dangerous goods are loaded on the airplane. It must be clear and understandable by the captain.

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