(Can rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries be shipped by passenger aircraft to the United States?)

The U.S. State Variation USG-02 stipulates that Lithium Metal Batteries (pr Mar batteries) must not be shipped on passenger aircraft. What about rechargeable secondary Lithium Metal Batteries? Can they be shipped on passenger aircraft? (31 Jan 11)

US DoT, Pipeline & Hazardous Material Safety Administration?iPHMSA?jhas issued an official revision on 25 Aug st 2009?iDocket No. PHMSA-2009-0253; Notice No. 09-4?jto add Lithium ion batteries to the list of hazardous material in 49CFR. In this notice, US DoT reconfirmed that Lithium metal batteries continue to be prohibited on passenger carrying aircraft. It is therefore reminded that lithium batteries are accepted or rejected for passenger carrying aircraft transport by whether they are lithium metal or lithium ion batteries, and not by whether it is pr Mar or secondary?irechargeable?j.

Consequently, please note that Lithium metal batteries whether pr Mar or secondary?irechargeable?jare forbidden on passenger carrying aircraft when shipped to, from or through the United States.

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