(Is there a method where we May airlift defective batteries?)

Defective batteries are forbidden for air transport. By securing some approval, can these be shipped by air? (28 Feb 11)

According to Special Provision A183, ?gWaste batteries and batteries being shipped for recycling or disposal are prohibited from air transport unless approved by the appropriate national authority of the State of Origin and the State of the Operator?h. If the defective batteries are to be shipped from Japan on a Japanese flag airline, specific prior written approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport must be obtained.

DGR 1.2.4?ia?j states ?gNothing contained in these Regulations should be interpreted as requiring an operator to transport a particular article or substance?h, therefore carriage is at the discretion of the airline.

DGR further states that the airline can refuse carriage, and therefore ?gshippers are encouraged to make advance arrangements with the airline(s) as part of the planning process associated with any approval application?h.

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