(Please explain how to fill the NEM value of Explosives on the DGD.)

In regard to completing a DGD for Explosives with the net net quantity of explosives to be shown after the code NEM, is it acceptable to just show the total value of the net explosive mass of the entire shipment? Or, must we show the NEM for each package of explosives? If there is a shipment of 10 packages of explosives, and the contents each differ, must we show the NEM for each package or can we just show the total value? (28 Feb 11)

For quantities to be shown on the package, the dedicated subparagraph (c) in the 51st Edition as well as the Note on European shipments following Step 6 (h) have both been deleted. Therefore, explosives will be treated same as all other dangerous goods for the package Mar ing. Only when you have 2 or more packages, you need to show the quantity on the package.

As for the completion of the Dec aration, the standard rule is to show the Net Quantity corresponding to the entry on the blue pages. There could be solid explosives with a kg unit, a liquid explosives with a litre unit, and explosives with a G (gross weight) unit.

In Step 6 (i) of DGR 52nd Edition, in addition to the net quantity for each substances/articles, you must supplement it with the Net Explosive Mass (NEM) being the value of the explosives itself without packaging, casing, etc. According to Appendix A, the codes, NEQ, NEC, NEW are all identical to NEM.

Taking UN 0275 Cartridges, power device as an example, the DGD will be written as:

UN 0276 Cartridges, power device 1.4C 2 wooden box X 75kg PI 134
(NEM 32kg)

In this example, 32kg X 2 = 64kg is the NEM of the wooden box which contains 75kg Cartridges. If there are 10 boxes, and the contents of the 10 boxes are all different, you need to complete the DGD line by line describing the individual boxes with the Net Quantity followed by the NEM value.

Even if not explosives, when you have 10 cans of Paint, and the contents of all the cans are different, you cannot sum it up but must list each can Sep rately with its individual contents. Explosives are no different.

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