(Have the regulation on Magnetic Material changed with the 52nd Edition?)

Effective with the 52 Ed DGR, PI 902 for UN 2807 Magnetic Material was changed to PI 953. With the former PI 902 there was a statement which read: If the maximum field strength observed at a distance of 2.1m is less than 0.159A/m or there is no significant compass deflection (less than 0.5 degree), the article is not considered as a magnetized material. Now PI 953 does not carry this statement. Can this be interpreted that there is no longer a minimum benc Mar ? (30 Apr 11)

DGR and PI 953 clearly state that Magnetized Material is any material having a maximum magnetic field strength sufficient to cause a compass deflection of more than 2 degrees at a distance of 2.1 meter. There has been no change to the definition.

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