(How should the NOTOC be made for dangerous goods in passenger?fs baggage?)

IATA DGR stipulates that the quantity of dangerous goods for cargo shipments be provided on the NOTOC. It also stipulates that for dangerous goods in passenger baggage, the loading location must be mentioned. Is quantity indication not required for passenger baggage? (30 Apr 11)

For passenger baggage, the IATA DGR stipulates the following three items must be entered on the NOTOC.

(1)Battery powered wheelchairs and other mobility devices with spillable batteries or with lithium-ion batteries
_ (the loading location in the cargo hold is required)

(2)Mercury Barometers or thermometers carried by a representative of a government weather bureau or similar official agency
_ (loading location inside passenger cabin is required)

(3)Oxygen or air, gaseous, cylinders required for medical use. Cylinder must not exceed 5kg gross weight.
_ (loading location inside passenger cabin or in cargo hold is required)

NOTOC rules do not stipulate the requirement to enter quantity, however some airlines take the liberty to have the quantity shown on the NOTOC, i.e., for (1) Battery powered wheel chairs, the gross weight of the spillable battery, for (2) Mercury barometers or thermometers, the net weight of mercury, and for (3) Oxygen or air cylinders, the actual gross weight of the cylinders.

Believed to satisfy Arms & Swords Control Law of Japan, Japanese carriers require loading locations for ammunition (whether for sports or otherwise) on the NOTOC.

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