(Is a permit required for manufact uring UN specification packagings?)

Is a permit required for manufacturing UN specification packagings? Who is the Inspection and Authorization Authority? Is UN specification packaging recognized globally? In case of mass production, is it necessary to undergo tests/approvals for each production lot? Is there a time limit? (31 May 11)

A Permit is necessary. In Japan, the Research Institute of Mar ne Engineering?iRIME -???c?@?l???{?D???i???????????jis responsible for testing and approvals.

Please refer to their website, http://www.rime.jp/. Specification packagings with the UN Mar ing is globally recognized. A time limit of 5 years from the date of manufacture exist with plastic drums, plastic jerricans and plastic IBCs. All others can be used as long as they are cleaned and functionally as new. In case of mass production, each lot must undergo a Sep rate test and authorization.

The procedure is a UN ICAO regulation. There is no local law in Japan but the UN ICAO rules are observed. RIME handles all the procedures from testing and approval on behalf of the Government.

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