(Must a designated person sign the NOTOC form?)

DGR do not show the NOTOC form, nor does it explain who must sign the NOTOC. Please advise whether the NOTOC must be signed by a person who had received DG training? (31 May 11)

The NOTOC form is to advise the Captain details and loading locations of the dangerous goods and other temperature sensitive (special care) items loaded aboard the aircraft.?iDGR As there are certain safety rules with each country as well as with each airline, the NOTOC form is not fixed.?iDGR In the IATA Airport Handling Manual?iAHM?j, there is a model NOTOC form however each airline designs their own form. Minimum required entries are shown in DGR through (i). Language is not confined to English but May be entered in the local language.?iDGR

Each airline stipulates in their own operations manual who should prepare the NOTOC, who should sign and who should handle. It is, of course, desirable that qualified persons prepare, sign and handle the NOTOC form but since overall airline knowledge is required, NOTOC May be prepared, signed and handled by certain person as designated by individual airlines. Most common is the supervisor on duty of the Operations department.

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