(Please explain the AWB entry for Magnetized Material?)

DGR 52nd Edition in PI 953 stipulates that a Shipper?fs Dec aration for Dangerous Goods is not required for magnetized material but an alternative written or electronic documentation must carry the words ?gmagnetized material?h. What is this alternative document? Does this refer to the AWB? (31 May 11)

The corresponding UN ICAO Technical Instructions in PI 653 reads: ?gThe dangerous goods transport document requirements of Part 5;4 are not applicable provided alternative written or electronic documentation includes the words ?gmagnetized material?h in association with the description of the goods.?h Part 5;4 refers to the Dec aration for Dangerous Goods.

United Nations avoids the use of specific terms such as DGD or AWB because dangerous goods are not only carried by air, but also by rail, road, ocean and inland waterways, each having their own transport documents. United Nations is using a general term, transport documents, to stay impartial.

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