(Please give us guidance on what Mar ings should be shown on the Overpack)

The UN Package specification Mar ing must not be reproduced on the overpack. Instead the word ?gOverpack?h must be Mar ed which indicates that packages contained within comply with the prescribed specifications. In case of LTD QTY, do we need to reproduce the Y in the Diamond Mar ing? Please advise what Mar ings and labelings are required on an overpack.  (31 May 11)

Regardless of whether UN packagings or LTD QTY packagings are contained inside, if such packages inside cannot be seen, all inscriptions (UN number, PSN, name and address of shipper/consignee and all other r Mar s) and all labels must be reproduced on the Overpack.

Refer to DGR 7.1.4 for Mar ings on Overpack, and DGR 7.2.7 for labels on Overpack. The UN specification Mar ings and LTD QTY Mar ings must not be reproduced on the Overpack. By Mar ing the word ?gOVERPACK?h, it certifies that all the packagings inside are qualified packagings.

Overpacks for Excepted Quantity are slightly different. The Overpack must bear the EQ Label (see Figure 2.6.B) reproduced in addition to the word ?gOVERPACK?h. If the packages inside can be seen, then there is no need to reproduced the UN number, etc. on the Overpack. When shrink-wrap is used, since the packages inside cannot be clearly seen, all inscriptions and labels must be reproduced on a strong tag and affixed firmly to the shrink-wrap.

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