(Is the quantity stipulated for UN 3077, Gross weight per package or Net weight per package?)

UN 3077 Environmentally hazardous substance, solid, n.o.s. when shipped as LTD QTY is regulated to maximum 30kg G. UN packaging is shown as maximum 400kg for both passenger and cargo aircraft. Is this gross weight or net weight? (31 May 11)

When shipping UN 3077 as LTD QTY, the DGD should show Gross weight and the maximum is 30kg G.

For Excepted Quantity, the maximum is 1kg net per package. For UN packaging PI 956, the maximum is 400kg net per package whether on passenger or cargo aircraft. Effective with the 52nd Edition DGR, the use of IBC was introduced where the maximum is 1,000kg net. Since this is a newly introduced procedure, it is advisable that the shipper will make advance contact with the airline.

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