(Can liquid dangerous goods used for making dentures be permitted as carry-on baggage?)

A dentist is hand-carrying a liquid used for making dentures. The liquid is UN 1246 Methyl methacrylate, PG II with an EQ code of E2. The passenger claims that since it is less than 30mL it can be carried as baggage. Is this true? (31 May 11)

UN 1246 Methyl methacrylate can only be transported as cargo.

It cannot be accepted as baggage, neither hand-carried or checked. Items which a passenger is permitted as baggage are only those items shown on DGR Table 2.3.A. If an item is not shown as acceptable on this Table 2.3.A, it cannot be carried as baggage. Expanded interpretation must be discouraged. Permissible flammable liquid is only such toiletry items as perfume.

UN 1246 May be carried as Excepted Quantity (E2), inner package maximum 30mL and outer maximum 500mL however this is only allowed as cargo. DGR Baggage and Post clearly states: Dangerous goods in excepted quantities are not permitted in or as checked or carry-on baggage or in the mail.

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