(If one has a license to produce UN packagings from one country, can he utilize that license to produce UN packagings in a different country?)

A manufacturer of packagings who already have a license from one country to produce UN packagings desire to start production in a different country. Can he just simply start production? (30 Jun 11)

Let?fs say he has a license to produce UN pckagings in Country A.

Now he wants to start production in Country B. The license to produce and the testing of a batch of production are two Sep rate matters. Depending on the laws of Country B, he May be able to start production in Country B with his Country A license, however the new batch of packagings which he has produced must undergo a test to be certified as conforming to UN quality.

He will either have to send samples from that batch to the testing facility in Country A, or have a testing facility in Country B perform the required test to certify that the packaging can carry the UN specification Mar ing. Each batch needs to be tested.

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