(Is the Orientation Mar ing necessary for cargo in gas form?)

In case of Div. 2.2 Non-flammable, non-toxic gas, is the Orientation Mar ing necessary? If the Orientation label is affixed to a package containing solids, would such package be stopped by the airline and cause problems? What about UN 1987 Adhesive in glue form? (30 Jun 11)

As stated in DGR, Package Orientation Mar ing must be affixed to liquids if they are in combination packaging.

There is no need to affix the Arrow Mar ing on solids, gas, and liquids in single packagings. Since the rule does not say you must not affix the Arrow Mar ing, no airline will demand the Arrow labels to be removed from packages of solids, gas or single packagings containing liquids. In actual life, we see the Packaging Orientation Mar ing on almost all types of packagings.

But if a combination package containing liquids is tendered without the Package Orientation label, the shipment will be rejected as ?gimproper Mar ings?h. Please note that there are 4 exceptions (the DGR carries 4 bullet holes to explain the exceptions). Since UN 1987 Adhesives is listed as a liquid in the blue pages, the package must bear the arrow sign to avoid problems even if the adhesive is in glue form.

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