(Recently many electronic devices have appeared on the Mar et that contain different type of batteries. What is the rule of a thumb to determine whether they are dangerous or not.)

Some electronic device contains a combination of different type of batteries, for instance, Lithium metal battery (lithium contents less than 1g; non-dangerous) with Nickel-metal hydride battery (non-dangerous), or Non-spillable battery (non-dangerous per SP A67) with Thionyl chloride lithium battery (lithium contents less than 1g; non-dangerous) . When each type of battery is non-dangerous, can we Dec are the combination as also being not dangerous? (31 Aug 11)

Even if different type of batteries are contained in one electronic device, as long as each battery is considered not dangerous per ICAO/IATA regulations, the combination can be Dec ared as not dangerous.

There is no segregation requirement for batteries. However when packing, care must be taken to avoid short-circuits and avoid accidental activation. Batteries and electronic devices are progressing rapidly, and we May expect new type of merchandise to evolve.

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