(Why isn?ft there a Packing Group for Class 2 Gases?)

Why isn?ft Packing Group assigned to Class 2 Gases? Where is it written in the DGR? (31 Jul 11)

As for Class 2 Gases, since all gases are generally the same degree of danger, there is no need to assign Packing Groups. Please refer to DGR

There is no PG assigned also to Class 1 Explosives. Instead they are assigned a Compatibility Group of a single letter which helps transport purposes. (Refer DGR 3.1.4; Table 3.1.A)

Organic Peroxides in Div. 5.2 also do not have a PG. The use of packagings satisfying a PG II performance standards is mandatory. (Refer DGR

Infectious substances of Div. 6.2 also do not have a PG. A different UN number and a different PSN is assigned to infectious substances resulting to fatal diseases, and to those causing curable illness. (Refer DGR;

For radioactive material in Class 7, IAEA assigns categories (I-White, II-Yellow and III-Yellow) depending on the strength of radiation. (Refer DGR Table 10.5.C)

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