(An engine is to be shipped. How should we enter the quantity?)

We are shipping a Ferrari engine. The PSN is UN 3528 “Engine, internal combustion, flammable liquid powered” Class 3. How should we enter the “quantity and type of packing” column? Would “1 wooden case X 325 kg G” be acceptable showing the Gross Weight?  (31 Dec 17)

If the engine is going to be shipped bare and unpacked, tied down on a pallet, you can show the net weight of the engine as quantity. Refer to DGR Section 8 Figure 8.1.F (Example 2) where UN 3166 Vehicle is shown as 1 automobile 1350 kg. In this case, the net weight is the proper quantity. However, if the engine is mounted on a wooden or metal stand, thence you would show the gross weight including the weight of the stand, and indicate the gross weight as xxx kg G.

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