(Does LTD QTY fibreboard boxes require water absorption requirement (not greater than 155 g/m2) ?)

Does Fibreboard box packaging for LTD QTY shipment need water absorption requirement (not greater than 155 g/m2) ? I know LTD QTY has requirements for passing a 1,2 m drop test and 24 hour stacking test. Kindly clarify. I understand DGR 6.2.12 Fibreboard box specification is just for UN specification packagings.  (30 Nov 17)

The general requirements of LTD QTY packagings are spelled out in DGR It generally states that the packaging must be of good quality, although not tested and marked in accordance with Section 6, they do must meet the construction requirements of Section 6. It therefore means that the requirements of DGR 6.2.12 for Fibreboard Boxes must be met including the requirement for water absorption, but testing and marking are not necessary, The shipper needs to use a sufficiently strong box.

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