(Is Magnetized material not requiring a declaration considered as "Not Restricted"?)

UN 3077 Magnetized material (PI 953), in cases, do not require a declaration. In such case, some forwarders regard them as "not restricted". Even if a declaration may not be required, stipulations outlined in PI 953 (a) through (d) must be followed. We, therefore, feel that the material is still regulated and is still to be handled as dangerous goods. Kindly clarify. (30 Sep 17)

PI 953 (a) stipulates that the words "Magnetized material" and the number of packages must be indicated on the AWB. PI 953 further obligated to abide with (b) through (d). The material has not become "Non-DG" nor "Not Restricted". Despite the fact that a declaration may be excused, the material is still a regulated dangerous goods. The forwarder's interpretation is incorrect.

From a tariff standpoint, the Dangerous Goods Handling Fee applies.

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