(Why isn’t UN 3225 shown in Table C 1 of Appendix C?)

Table C. 1 for Self-reactive substances does not shown UN 3225 in the second from last column, “UN Generic entry”. This number is missing from the list. Pease explain why? Furthermore, if we are to ship this UN 3225 substance, do we need to secure a sort of a certificate from an appropriate agency as spelled out in DGR ?  (30 Sep 17)

As there is no substance currently assigned to UN 3225, this number is not included in Table C. 1.

Since a UN 3225 substance is not listed in Table C. 1, then the shipper must have some approval from the authority of the State of manufacture that the substance is appropriate to be assigned to UN 3225. An approval as per and Step 9 (f) is needed.

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