(Please explain how to show overpack on the declaration?)

On the declaration, the following entry was made:
Overpack used X 1
C/No. 1
Total net quantity UN 1xx6 (200L)
          UN 1xx5 (30kg)
Is it a requirement to show the net quantity for each item in the overpack? If there is only one UN number, chances for misunderstanding is remote and therefore net quantity indication is not needed. Even if it is entered we do not need to require elimination? (31 Jul 17)

If there are multiple UN numbers in an overpack, as shown in Notes: 1. under DGR Step 7, : "Where an overpack contains more than one UN number, the total quantity of dangerous goods should be shown by UN number. " although. not a mandatory requirement, the quantity by each UN number "should " be shown. Consequently, the net quantities shown are not subject to removal. When there is only one overpack made, as shown in DGR Figures 8.1.J and 8.1.K, the net quantity need not be indicated.

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