(When completing the Dec aration for Explosives, how should we enter the quantity information on Net Explosive Mass (NEM)?)

For a shipment of 24 packages of UN 0323 Cartridges, power device Div 1.4S (each box containing Net 7.0kg), the DGD was made as:

UN 0323 Cartridges, power device 1.4S 24 Fibreboard boxes X 7.0kg PI 134
Total Net Explosive Mass 26.4kg

We believe the rules said that the NEM must be written per package and not as an aggregate total quantity. Should we reject this shipment? (31 Jul 11)

As written in DGR Step 6 (i), the DGD should show the Net Quantity of Explosives including its casings, and the Net Explosive Mass (NEM) for each package.

However, if the DGD is made up in a clear manner showing the Total NEM quantity of the total 24 packages, such entry will not endanger the safety of the aircraft, and should not be rejected particularly when the shipment is going to be carried by one airline all the way to its destination.

You May wish to advise the shipper to show the NEM per package for the next shipment. If interline transfers are involved, to avoid unwanted problems en route, it will be better to have the entry corrected to show the NEM for one package. There May be airlines who strictly follow the rules.

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