(Please give us guidance on shipping UN 2795 Battery.)

We plan to ship UN 2795 Battery, wet, filled with alkali. It weighs 43.5 kg. When applying SP A51 where it allows up to net 100 kg per package, may we take this as permitted for carriage on passenger aircraft? SP A51 further stipulates that an entry as such must be made on the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods. Please guide us how to enter the information on the Declaration. Also, please advise whether an entry on the AWB is needed or not.  (31 May 17)

As clearly spelled out in SP A51, this special provision focusses directly to the quantity limitation in Column J. In the Note to SP A51, it specifically states that this special provision is only applicable to UN 2794 and UN 2795. Since it refers to Column J, it applies to both Passenger and Cargo Aircraft, Refer to Step 9 (a) for the entry of information on the DGD. Enter “SP A51” in the Authorization column of the DGD. Entry on the AWB is not required, however, if you wish to enter, please show “SP A51 applied” in the Nature and Quantity of Goods box on the AWB.

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