(Guidance is needed on UN 1219 Isopropanol.)

A shipper declared a shipment as UN 1219 Isopropanol solution. The MSDS attached also stated UN 1219 Isopropanol solution, Class 3 PG II. I feel this substance is better fit to be declared as UN 1219 Isopropyl alcohol. Your guidance is appreciated, as the name Isopropanol solution does not match the listings on Table 4.1.A. (31 May 17)

There is no problem in declaring this shipment as UN 1219 Isopropanol solution, Class3, PG II as described on the MSDS. The technical name is Propan-2-ol, and is an example of secondary alcohol, with a chemical formula of C3H8O. The substance is also called by the names, Isopropyl Alcohol, or Isopropanol, or Dimethyl Carbinol. Although the name may be different, they are all the same substance and carry the same UN number. The reason why the shipper is declaring as UN 1219 Isopropanol solution is because this Isopropanol is not pure and contains other substances however not affecting the predominant substance.

The shipper therefore followed DGR Example 6 and added the term “solution” to identify that it is not pure Isopropanol but a solution containing other substances not affecting the predominant substance. As conclusion, UN 1219 Isopropanol solution is better to describe this solution rather than UN 1219 Isopropyl alcohol because it is not pure Isopropanol. UN 1219 Isopropyl alcohol solution is also correct.

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