(A question on shipping flammable liquid powered machine equipped with a battery.)

Effective January 2017, Flammable liquid powered Machinery is assigned a new UN number and Packing Instruction. Machinery using flammable liquid as power source is now UN 3528 Machinery, internal combustion, flammable liquid powered, Class 3, and Packing Instruction is now PI 378. Packing Instruction PI 378 shows the rule to handle accompanying batteries. In paragraph (c) 1. it says: “if spillable batteries are installed and it is possible for the machine or equipment to be handled in such a way that batteries would not remain in their intended orientation, they must be removed and packed according to Packing Instruction 492 or 870, as applicable.”
Would it be same for Vehicles? (31 Mar 17)

Yes, batteries accompanying Vehicles is handled in the same manner. From January 2017, Vehicles powered by flammable liquid will continue to be handled per PI 950, while Engines and Machinery powered by flammable liquid will be handled under PI 378. The manner in handling batteries are exactly identical for PI 950 or PI 378. The notable difference is that Vehicles powered by flammable liquid continue to be classified as Class 9 (PI950), whereas Engines and Machinery powered by flammable liquid is now Class 3 (PI378). The 25 kg rule of US State Variation USG-13 will apply to Engines and Machinery is Class 3, however US FAA has mentioned that until the rules in 49CFR gets amended, FAA will not take action against shipments prepared under ICAO TI 2017-2018.

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