(Question on Markings on the Outer Package of Radioactive Material.)

Please explain the VRI Code which is required on Radioactive Material packagings. Is the VRI Code required on the outer packages of Radioactive Material, also required to be shown on the inner primary or secondary packagings?  (31 Mar 17)

To start out, you seem to misunderstand the VRI Code. As spelled out in DGR Format of Marks, subparagraph (g), VRI Code stands for a country code for “International Vehicle Registration Code” as shown on the List of VRI codes under DGR Appendix D.0. Japan is shown with a one-letter code “J”, and United States is shown with a three-letter code “USA”. Japan shown as “JP”, a two-letter code, or United States shown as “US” comes from ISO - International Standards Organization, a private organization. In contrast, VRI Code is a UN recognized official country code.

Marking of radioactive material outer packaging is not under ICAO, but under IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency, and is not the same. The UN symbol of letters “u” and “n” in a circle is not used with IAEA.

DGR describes the UN specification marking on LSA and SCO. Either show only TYPE IP-1, or with TYPE IP-2 and TYPE IP-3, you need to add the VRI Code of the producing country, and the manufacturer’s name or permit number given to the manufacturer.

Ex: TYPE IP-2 or TYPE IP-3

This will be the UN specification marking of a LSA or SCO package. describes the outer marking for a TYPE A package.

    J/4321 shows the markings for TYPE B (U) and TYPE B (M) packages. shows markings for TYPE C packages.

Ex: TYPE B (U) or TYPE B (M) or TYPE C
    xxxxx           (Model number)
    5678           (Serial number)
    Trefoil symbol (Symbol embossed on steel plate resistant to fire and water) shows the markings for fissile material.

Ex: TYPE B (U) F (Add “F” for Fissile)
    xxxxx           (Model number)
    8765           (Serial number)
    Trefoil symbol (Symbol embossed on steel plat resistant to fire and water)

Furthermore, there is no need to mark inner packagings, primary packagings and secondary packagings. Markings are only required for the outermost packaging.

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