(Question on shipment of dangerous goods of differing Packing Groups.)

Shipping multiple UN 1263 Paint related material with differing PG grades, for example, how do you show the same UN number, the same Proper Shipping Name but differing PG on the AWB and on the Dangerous Goods Declaration? Since the PG is different, they are not the same dangerous goods. Please guide us how to make the AWB and the Declaration.  (28 Feb 17)

Let’s say you are shipping UN 1263 Paint related material, PG I 1L, PG II 5L and PG III 60L. In the “Nature & Quantity of Goods” box of the AWB, you will simply show “Paint related material” as the merchandise you are shipping. On the Dangerous Goods Declaration, you need to enter UN 1263 Paint related material in three lines, first for PG I 1L, second for PG II 5L, and third for PG III 60L. If the PG changes, even if the UN number and the Proper Shipping Name may be the same, they are different dangerous goods, as if, you are shipping three different dangerous goods.

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