(Question on incoming US President Trump’s Executive Order on Lithium Battery marks.)

By President Trump’s Executive Order, part f the ICAO/IATA regulations which would have been in effect from 1 January 2017 is withheld for the United States. Among those affected are the lithium battery related marks. Kindly explain.  (28 Feb 17)

As shown on our website under “Topics”, due to Executive Order, the new Lithium Battery Handling Mark is temporarily withheld. Those affected are the new Lithium Battery Handling Mark (DGR Figure 7.1.C) and the special Class 9 Hazard Label for Lithium Batteries (DGR Figure 7.3.X). Until matters clear up, for shipments of lithium batteries to, from, or through the United States, and when transporting on a U.S. carrier, you will have to use the old label (DGR Figure 7.4.H for Lithium Battery Handling Label and DGR 7.3.W for the common Class 9 hazard label).

These old labels have a grace period until 31 December 2018, so we are authorized to use the old labels for the coming two years. We expect the matter will be cleared during the two years to come.

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