(Question on how to complete a Declaration for Radioactive Material ( Step 9) )

This is a question on DGR Step 9. In the 57th Edition, the wording was (a) II-Yellow and III-Yellow only: 1) Transport Index, 2) Dimension. We understood that for Category I-White there was no need to show Dimensions on the DGD. Now with the 58th Edition, the wordings have changed and this is now split into (b) and (c). (b) says II-Yellow and III-Yellow only; Transport Index. (c) says Dimension and there is no indication of Category. Does this mean that Dimensions will have to be shown for Category I-White? Check List No. 20 shows II-Yellow and III-Yellow only. Please clarify. (28 Feb 17)

There is no change. Dimensions are not needed for RRW-I. With RRW-I, the Transport Index is Zero, the radiation at the external surface of the package is less than 0.005mSv/h and there is no need of segregation against humans or animals and therefore no requirement nor need for the dimensions to be shown on the Declaration.

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