(A question on the previous and new Lithium Battery Handling Mark.)

Figure 7.1.C of DGR 58th Edition shows the new Lithium Battery Handling Mark. In the same edition, Figure 7.1.H illustrates the former Lithium Battery Handling Label. The significant difference of the new mark to the former label is that all wordings are eliminated with the new mark. What are we supposed to enter at the position of the single asterisk? We understand that we are to enter the telephone number of the office where additional information can be obtained at the position of the double asterisk. Kindly advise. (31 Dec 16)

With the “Lithium Battery Handling Label” we are using in 2016 as illustrated as Figure 7.1.H, we are to enter the contents described in words, e.g. Lithium ion batteries or Lithium metal batteries, or both.

At the place of the double asterisk, we are to enter the phone number starting with the country code where additional information of the shipment in question can be obtained.

With the new “Lithium Battery Handling Mark” we are to use from 2017 as illustrated as Figure 7.1.C, we are to enter the contents described not in words but with the applicable UN numbers, e.g. UN3090, UN3091, UN3480 or UN3481, or all the applicable UN numbers. Names are no longer to be shown. Further, the word “label” have been replaced by the word “mark”.

There is a 2-year transition period where until 31 December 2018 you may use either the former label or the new mark. If the former label is used the contents must be described in words, and if the new mark is used, only UN numbers are to be used. Effective 1 January 2019, only the new mark must be used.

Apart from the foregoing, with Packing Instruction PI 967 for UN3481 Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment and with Packing Instruction PI 970 for UN3091 Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment, consignments of two packages or less where each package contains no more than four cells or two batteries installed in equipment do not require the Lithium Battery Handling Label/Mark.

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