(Question pertaining to Lithium Batteries Section II training in 2017 with DGR Edition 58.)

In DGR 58th Edition for 2017, a new 1.6 “Adequate Instruction for Shipping Section II Lithium Batteries” is inserted. Please explain the intent and contents.  (30 Nov 16)

DGR 1.6 “Adequate Instruction“ refers to the provision entered in all lithium battery packing instructions, PI 965 through PI 970, where it says, lithium batteries may be shipped non-regulated under Section II conditions but “adequate instruction” must be given to the employees. The packing instructions however do not explain any details of the “adequate instructions” to be given. Therefore, new paragraphs 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 have been inserted in Section I of the 58th Edition DGR and listed the seven points that constitute the minimum requirements of “adequate instructions” which are shown below.

(1) Classification of lithium batteries being shipped,
(2) Documentation of procedures applied to lithium batteries being shipped,
(3) Written work instructions or other documentation, including automated controls, (automated controls stands for digital instructions)
(4) Review and understanding of documented procedures as applicable to the job function,
(5) Instruction records including date(s) for all employees,
(6) Refresher instructions provided at a minimum of every two years or as the documented instructions are revised or regulations are changed,
(7) Reverse logistics, including transport modes and applicable prohibitions. (reverse logistics for defective batteries are forbidden for air transport)

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