(Another question pertaining to Lithium “Single cell batteries” in 2017 with DGR Edition 58.)

Kindly explain the following insertion in all of the packing instructions pertaining to Lithium Batteries, i.e., PI 965 through PI 970.

“A single cell battery as defined in Part III, sub-section of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria is considered a “cell” and must be transported according to the requirements for “cells” for the purpose of the packing instruction.” We appreciate your guidance. (30 Nov 16)

As clearly said, even if the term “battery” is used, when there is only “one cell in a battery”, it is not regarded as a “battery” for the purpose of the regulations. It is regarded as a “cell”, and the conditions of a “cell” must be applied in shipping. Likewise, if there are multiple cells in a “battery pack”, it is a “battery” and must be handled as a “battery”.

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