(Can a brand new smart phone with its lithium battery uninstalled allowed as passenger baggage?)

DGR and specify passenger baggage regulations for lithium batteries contained (installed) in equipment. If one has a brand new electronic device for which the lithium battery is still in its original packaging and still uninstalled, from common sense, we feel it can be allowed as passenger baggage under the same regulation. This is a smart phone newly purchased and not opened yet. The smart phone and the battery are packed together in its original packaging. Kindly give us your guidance.  (30 Nov 16)

Both the IATA DGR and the UN ICAO Technical Instructions do not allow “Lithium Batteries packed with Equipment” as passenger baggage. Lithium batteries must either be installed in the device or carried as spare batteries. Consequently, all uninstalled lithium batteries are only allowed as spares and must be carried as carry-on baggage.

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