(A Question pertaining to Fuel Cells as passenger baggage.)

As per 58th Edition of IATA DGR Table 2.3.A, Fuel cell containing fuel is not permitted in checked baggage. Is it an error?

It is believed that checked baggage is safer option than carry-on baggage and the relevant sub paragraph indicate no change in the conditions for its transport in baggage.

It is confusing and I could not locate any working paper explaining the change as well. (30 Nov 16)

Table 2.3.A illustrates an overall general picture. It does not show all the supplementary clause due to lack of space. Please refer to sub-paragraph (f) of where it says: "fuel cells containing fuel are permitted in carry-on baggage only." Therefore Table 2.3.A shows "YES" only for carry-on baggage.

In DGR 57th Edition (2016) Table 2.3.A showed a keyword of “Fuel cells and spare fuel cartridges” therefore, the checked baggage and carry-on baggage columns both carried “YES”. With the 58th Edition DGR, the keyword is now solely “Fuel cells” therefore “YES” appears only under carry-on baggage column. It is an editorial change and not an error. The intent is to keep Table 2.3.A as an overall general picture allowing no misinterpretation by mixing supplementary clauses with trunk rules. (e) is a supplementary clause for spares which says "no more than two spare fuel cell cartridges may be carried in checked baggage, carry-on baggage, or on the person." This supplementary clause is not reflected on Table 2.3.A. due to reason of space.

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