(A question on how to pack UN3082 Environmentally hazardous substance, liquid.)

We intend to ship 5 L of UN3082 Environmentally hazardous substances, liquid, n.o.s.★ and we wish to know how we should pack. Kindly give us guidance. (30 Nov 16)

By checking the blue pages in the DGR, we can see that Limited Quantity provisions can be applied.

The Packing Instruction number is PI Y964. Any strong packagings can be used under PI Y964. You must follow all the conditions written in PI Y964. You need to follow, and 5.0.2 through except;;; and Furthermore, after completing the package you need to do the drop test and the stacking test as indicated.

UN specification packaging is not required. The completed packaging must not weigh more than 30kg.

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