(Please explain SP A130 applicable to Radioactive material, excepted package.)

We are unable to clearly understand Special Provision SP A130 applicable to Radioactive material, excepted package. Kindly explain. (30 Nov 16)

Special Provision SP A130 applies to Radioactive Material when it has a subsidiary risk of other hazard. There are 4 models of such cases where Radioactive Material have other subsidiary risks.

(a) If the other hazard meets the criteria for dangerous goods in excepted quantities as set out in 2.6, the packaging to be used must be in accordance with 2.6.5 and meet the testing requirements of 2.6.6. All other requirements applicable to radioactive material, excepted package as set out in apply without reference to the other hazard.

(b) Where the grade of other hazard exceeds the limit of excepted quantities as specified in 2.6.4, the radioactive material must be forwarded under the name of the other hazard. The shipper’s declaration must be made with the other hazard as primary hazard with the radioactive material, excepted package added as supplement. An example of such declaration is shown as Fig. 8.1.O in DGR Section 8.

(c) Substances classified in accordance to (b) above, are not permitted to be shipped as limited quantity.

(d) If the other hazard meets a special provision that exempts this hazard from all dangerous goods provisions, then it must be shipped as a Class 7 substance.

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