(Question on the interpretation of State Variation SAG-02.)

State Variation SAG-02 reads: “The shipper of dangerous goods by air shall provide a written undertaking to re-ship the consignment, at the shipper’s cost and risk, if the shipment is not cleared and received by the consignee within 10 working days from the arrival of the consignment to any destination in Saudi Arabia.” Does this mean that whether the shipment may or may not be cleared and received within 10 working days, the guarantee must be provided, or whether if there is documented assurance that the consignment will be cleared and received, the guarantee letter will not be required. We appreciate your advice. (31 Oct 16)

SAG-02 is asking for a guarantee from the shipper in case the consignee fails to clear and receive the shipment within 10 working days after its arrival. Whether there is documented proof that the consignee will clear and receive the shipment or not, the shipper’s guarantee letter must be submitted.

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