(Question on how to ship a motorcycle with a battery.)

When shipping a brand new motorcycle, can we forward the motorcycle by draining all fuel and presenting a certificate of removal of fuel? Can we regard the battery as non-dangerous article? (30 Sep 16)

Packing Instruction PI 950 applies to UN 3166 Vehicle, flammable liquid powered. For fuel, please refer to Packing Instruction PI 950 (a). Battery cannot be treated as non-dangerous article. You must follow the stipulations in PI 950 (c) for the batteries.

1. If spillable batteries are installed, and it is possible for the motorcycle to be handled in such a way that batteries would not remain in their intended orientation, they must be removed and packed according to Packing Instruction 492 or 870 depending on the battery type.

2. If lithium batteries are installed, unless otherwise approved by the State of Origin, they must meet the provisions of DGR, i.e., they must meet the requirements of UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3 Revision 3 Amendment 1 and any other subsequent Revisions or Amendments that followed. Batteries must be securely fastened in the vehicle and must be protected in such as manner as to prevent damage and short-circuits.

3. If sodium batteries are installed, they must conform to the requirement of Special Provision SP A94.

You need to abide with the foregoing stipulations.

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