(Does the one package per overpack limit apply only to Section II packages?)

In the 19 January Addendum I to the 57 Ed DGR, there is a NOTE inserted in Overpack - Section II toward the end of Section II of PI 965 and PI 968 which reads: “For the purpose of Section II, an overpack is an enclosure used by a single shipper that contains no more than one package prepared in accordance with this section. For shipments prepared in accordance with Section IA and/or IB, this limit of one package of Section II batteries per overpack still applies.” Please clarify whether this limitation of one package per overpack apply only to Section II packages, or does the limit apply to all packages of Sections IA, IB and/or II.  (31 Aug 16)

The one package per Overpack rule only applies to packages prepared under Section II of PI 965 and PI 968. What the Note intends to convey is that even if an overpack is prepared containing packages under Section IA and/or Section IB, the one package per overpack limitation continues to apply for Section II packages. The one package per overpck rule does not apply to packages of Section IA and Section IB.

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