(Can I get the IATA DG Diploma by just taking the test?)

I lack the time and am totally unable to attend the 4-day classroom training. Can I just take the paper test and acquire the IATA DG Diploma?  (30 Jun 16)

It is not permitted just to take the paper test. According to ICAO/IATA stipulations, all applicants must go through sufficient hours of classroom training which will give them the qualification to take the final paper test. Our institute is offering an initial course in 4 days, and a recurrent course to renew the license in 3 days. Both courses have the final paper test on the last day. 100% mark is by all means desired, but the pass mark is 80 points. For successful applicants, a 2-year diploma for “Category 6 including Radioactive Material” recognized worldwide will be issued.

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