(Question on shipping UN 1072 Oxygen, compressed to U.S.A.)

When forwarding UN 1072 to the States, and when the pressure of the gas contained is less than 200kPa, DGR exempts the gas as “Not Regulated”. In such a case, can we forward the gas as “Not Restricted”? When the gas is “Not Restricted”, do we have to follow State Variation USG-18 and use designated cylinders per 49CFR? (31 May 16)

The compressed oxygen cylinder in question is no longer regarded as Restricted when the pressure of the Div. 2.2 gas does not exceed 200kPa at 20℃, and is not liquid gas nor refrigerated liquid gas as written in DGR When this criteria is confirmed, the gas is no more regulated, therefore State Variation USG-18 which applies to dangerous goods (UN1072) no longer apply. It is however mandatory that there must be a proof document to support that the gas conforms to DGR and such a document accompanies the AWB. The AWB should bear the words “Oxygen, compressed, Not Restricted per DGR as described on the attached manufacturer’s certificate”.

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