(We are exporting vehicles. Please guide us on the markings and labellings..)

Please guide us on the labelling of UN 3166 Vehicle, flammable liquid powered. According to the rules explained in Special Provision A87, as long as the item is not fully enclosed by packaging and can be readily identified, there is no need to affix labels and place markings. Is this correct? Please also advise if the quantity makes any difference. (30 Apr 16)

Yes it is correct. Special Provision A87 reads, “Articles, which are not fully enclosed by packagings, crates or other means that prevent ready identification, are not subject to the marking requirements of Subsection 7.1 or the labelling requirements of Subsection 7.2”. The quantity does not make any difference, however, it is advisable to number the shipments such like 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 ……10/10. Furthermore, indication of the shipper’s name and address and the consignee’s name and address will help avoid confusion.

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