(Is there any good way to detect dangerous goods in small express packages?)

We deal in small express packages and we have been warned by the competent government authorities to check any suspicious packages that may contain dangerous goods. We were told to secure MSDS and check each such doubtful packages. As we handle myriad of packages and by checking each and every packages involving toiletries, cleansing agents, and various household sundries, we may invite complaints from the shippers which can escalate into termination of business. Is there any way to ensure compliance without disturbing a reasonable flow of business? (31 Mar 16)

As for general cargo, every person in the supply chain, shippers, cargo agents, forwarders and airlines are already cognizant of dangerous goods as they receive adequate training, however, in the case of parcel post and small express packages, numerous unanimous senders who have little or no knowledge of dangerous goods dispatch questionable packages. Post offices worldwide, FedEx, UPS and DHL are victims of circumstances. They put up posters, signs, pamphlets and hand-outs to educate the population but that is not enough to prevent even an honest violation. Some express package companies have the shippers sign a statement that no dangerous goods are packed within, yet violations still occur. Bringing up the quality of your own check-in agents may still be the best remedy.

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