(Question on circumventing the one package per one consignment rule.)

A shipper may issue 25 AWBs if he wants to ship 25 packages circumventing the one package per consignment rule. What is the airline industry’s reaction to such an attempt? (29 Feb 16)

The intention of the change is to limit the volume of Section II batteries onboard the aircraft. Cost is one factor which will encourage shippers to move to Section IA or IB, but the safety of the supply chain is the primary consideration.

The example of a multiple consignment each with one package prepared in accordance with Section II of PI965/968 would be accepted for example if they were all being shipped to different consignees (internet sales).

If they were all from the same shipper to the same consignee, this may be viewed as intentionally circumventing the intent of the regulations and would likely be rejected by the operators.

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