(Question on limitation of lithium battery per package effective 2016 pertaining to the use of Lithium Battery Handling Label.)

In the 57th Edition IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (2016), in PI 967 and in PI 970 in their Additional Requirements – Section II, it indicates that “Each package must be labelled with a Lithium Battery Handling Label.” It further continues to describe exemptions for “button cell batteries installed in equipment (including circuit boards)” and “consignments of two packages or less where each package contains no more than four cells or two batteries installed in equipment.” Please clarify whether the term “consignments” refer to MAWB or HAWB?  (29 Feb 16)

In the case of consolidations, the term “consignment” refers to HAWB and not MAWB as House Shipments are independent contract of carriage. If a package has no more than four cells or two batteries, and if there are no more than two such packages, the Lithium Battery Handling Label is not needed. There is a Note to this exemption in the PI which says; “Shipper’s should take steps to implement this requirement as soon as possible, however consignments of two or more packages may continue to move without the lithium battery handling label until 31 December 2016.

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